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So I look at my Article Critique mark in UWACE, and it says "19%".


And then I looked at the e-mail from the course instructor and it said, "That's out of 25."

...oh, thank God. I can live with a 76%. But I almost cried.


That is all.

EDIT: In other news, my unofficial marks for ENGL 377R is 86% and for ENGL 490 is 88%, yay!
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89% on my Brokeback to the Future (...I mean, The Brokeback Virginian... I mean... oh, forget it) essay. Nice. At least I'm only failing Shakespeare and Advertising, then.


Working on my Advertising final portfolio. 45% of my final mark is tied up in this damn thing, and I don't know what I'm doing. (Well... I probably do, but I sure as hell don't feel like it.)

Bleh. I feel kind of crummy overall.
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I have about 400 words to go on my "Brokeback Mountain" essay, and I am entering the final stretch and flagging so hardcore.

I think I will instead do a little bit of reading. Still need to re-read The Tempest, after all. Plus, maybe I will look up my five necessary articles for the Shakespeare essay.
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Slightly better mood now. Thank you everyone for the hugs and sympathy. It's just been a stressful couple of days. I'm going to take an hour or so (more) off, then edit my Article Critique, and then relax a little. I'm on top of most everything else, I think.
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Major projects update, mostly for my own reference:

To-Do List )
...yeah, I can do that...
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So Humber got back to me about the Journalism program - I have been accepted for it. (Yay!) Still waiting on the Television Writing and Producing interview - I'm hoping that it went as well as the Journalism one.

A little Mage update: it is official - Chris' character now knows of more Guelph mages than anyone else in the city, even excluding the newly-Awakened ones, at a whopping total of six (and has met three).

School-wise, I am... losing interest in a major way. I can't seem to concentrate on school work (i.e. I should be looking for sources for my seminar, or starting to outline my thesis for my Shakespeare essay, or deciding what to present as an essay topic to my Frontiers professor, or studying for Death and Dying, or...)

Bleh. I need motivation, and how.
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I can only assume that most people skip over my "to do list" posts (I don't blame you), so I'll repost this:

And, what you guys can do to distract me (but not for too long!): I am ganking [ profile] harukami's "sentence fics" idea. Give me a character or pairing, plus one word, theme, or mood, and I will write you (a very short) something about those characters.

C'mon, people! It's you or The Merry Wives of Windsor, and I hate Falstaff!

...apparently the prof really liked our Firefly seminar. That's good. I have the PowerPoint presentation on my Geocities account, if anyone wants to see our (horribly out of context) slideshow - which even the class didn't see! :D
Edit: That was fast... she sent us our mark - 87%. Wow.

I also got my Death and Dying exam mark back - 85%, woot.
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Okay, I'm almost through this week (almost... aaaaaallllmooooooosssst...), but I need some relaxation. Liek whoa. Otherwise, I'm going to flip out and murder nuns (for example).

So, first of all, the short list of the rest of this week:

-Read The Merry Wives of Windsor (tonight)
-Identify clauses for 377R homework (tonight)
-finish my notes for the seminar (tonight)
-write up and print out the handout for the seminar (tomorrow)
-make the PowerPoint presentation with Min (tomorrow)
-read p. 315-342 for 377R (Sunday)
-read Lyons p. 471-480 (tomorrow)
-study for PSCYH 318 exam (all weekend)
-read 408B notes (Monday)
-read Lyons p. 270-296 (Monday)
-read the Kearl reading (Tuesday)

...okay, not so bad. At least a little more spread out.

And, what you guys can do to distract me (but not for too long!): I am ganking [ profile] harukami's "sentence fics" idea. Give me a character or pairing, plus one word, theme, or mood, and I will write you something.
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Re-re-updated list of shit to do:

-ENGL 210H Final Project. Wound up being 6000 words, but done!
-CS 100 Assignment
-Grammar journal/final essay.
-Merchant of Venice essay.
-Information Design assignments. I have a week to slam these out, totalling about another 2500 words, while also brushing up on Shakespeare in preparation for my exam on the 14th.
-Shakespeare exam. Involves contextualizing and analyzing quotations, and answering some short-answer questions.
-Grammar exam. Still going to be ridiculously easy.
-CS 100 exam. Now that I have figured out FMP, I'll just need to brush up on my multiple-choice questions... half of which will be straight out of the textbook. +1 help sheet and I'm good to go.

And now, I have had 3 hours of sleep today, so I leave you for the warmth of my bed.
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Shakespeare essay: 2/10 pages

If I do a single-spaced page per day (ignoring the fact that I have Vampire on Thursday THANK YOU I KNOW), I can be done on time!

Of course, in theory I could just write it for the 2nd, but where's the fun in writing a 10-page essay for a sentence or two of grade explanation?

Also, my Titus Andronicus is pasteded on yey!


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