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ENGL 377R: 86%
ENGL 490: 89%
ENGL 408B: 79%
PSYCH 218: 80%
ENGL 363: ???
PSYCH 318: ???

Exams are over and done with, and my two most worrisome classes are still unknown, but I'm feeling damn happy with that mark breakdown.
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One more exam. ONE. And it is in 11 days, so I have PLENTY of time to study for it (ha ha ha oh aren't I a card).

I may actually survive this. Who knew?

I'm expecting around 75% for Grammar II, at least an 85% for Frontiers, an 80% for Death and Dying, and hopefully a 75-80% for Advertising. Shakespeare is still up in the air, since 65% of my grade is as yet unmarked (essay + exam), and Psychosexual Organization is much the same (55% of my mark pending, 25% tied up in my terrible-ass essay).

I can do it! But first, sleep, because OMG face-to-keyboard go.
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89% on my Brokeback to the Future (...I mean, The Brokeback Virginian... I mean... oh, forget it) essay. Nice. At least I'm only failing Shakespeare and Advertising, then.


Working on my Advertising final portfolio. 45% of my final mark is tied up in this damn thing, and I don't know what I'm doing. (Well... I probably do, but I sure as hell don't feel like it.)

Bleh. I feel kind of crummy overall.
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So Humber got back to me about the Journalism program - I have been accepted for it. (Yay!) Still waiting on the Television Writing and Producing interview - I'm hoping that it went as well as the Journalism one.

A little Mage update: it is official - Chris' character now knows of more Guelph mages than anyone else in the city, even excluding the newly-Awakened ones, at a whopping total of six (and has met three).

School-wise, I am... losing interest in a major way. I can't seem to concentrate on school work (i.e. I should be looking for sources for my seminar, or starting to outline my thesis for my Shakespeare essay, or deciding what to present as an essay topic to my Frontiers professor, or studying for Death and Dying, or...)

Bleh. I need motivation, and how.
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ENGL 377R - 06 April, 09:00 AM
ENGL 363 - 06 April, 12:30 PM

ENGL 490 - 11 April, 09:00 AM

PSYCH 318 - 22 April, 04:00 PM

*tears out hair* But I don't FUNCTION at 9 AM!
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I can only assume that most people skip over my "to do list" posts (I don't blame you), so I'll repost this:

And, what you guys can do to distract me (but not for too long!): I am ganking [ profile] harukami's "sentence fics" idea. Give me a character or pairing, plus one word, theme, or mood, and I will write you (a very short) something about those characters.

C'mon, people! It's you or The Merry Wives of Windsor, and I hate Falstaff!

...apparently the prof really liked our Firefly seminar. That's good. I have the PowerPoint presentation on my Geocities account, if anyone wants to see our (horribly out of context) slideshow - which even the class didn't see! :D
Edit: That was fast... she sent us our mark - 87%. Wow.

I also got my Death and Dying exam mark back - 85%, woot.
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Okay, I'm almost through this week (almost... aaaaaallllmooooooosssst...), but I need some relaxation. Liek whoa. Otherwise, I'm going to flip out and murder nuns (for example).

So, first of all, the short list of the rest of this week:

-Read The Merry Wives of Windsor (tonight)
-Identify clauses for 377R homework (tonight)
-finish my notes for the seminar (tonight)
-write up and print out the handout for the seminar (tomorrow)
-make the PowerPoint presentation with Min (tomorrow)
-read p. 315-342 for 377R (Sunday)
-read Lyons p. 471-480 (tomorrow)
-study for PSCYH 318 exam (all weekend)
-read 408B notes (Monday)
-read Lyons p. 270-296 (Monday)
-read the Kearl reading (Tuesday)

...okay, not so bad. At least a little more spread out.

And, what you guys can do to distract me (but not for too long!): I am ganking [ profile] harukami's "sentence fics" idea. Give me a character or pairing, plus one word, theme, or mood, and I will write you something.
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I know I'm posting instead of reading, which Pat will probably berate me for, but -

My schedule for the upcoming week is this:

-Shakespeare test (10%)
-have finished Grammar II take-home test (10%)

-have finished three readings for Psychosexual Organization
-have finished short paper/response for Psychosexual Organization (??)
-have finished reading the second half of The Virginian

-Advertising exam (10%)

-have read The Merry Wives of Windsor
-have finished two readings + class notes for Death and Dying

-Firefly seminar with Min (20%)

I am very, VERY stressed right now. Thank god the week after next is fairly empty (short of having readings; only one exam, at least), so I'll be able to relax a little... maybe. Cheer me on as I cross stuff off.

That said, I am reading my Death and Dying course notes now, and here's a Burris-ism he put into our handout:

"There is growing concern regarding the 'obesity epidemic' in North America, such that Sesame Street's Cookie Monster now makes a distinction between "any time food" and "sometimes food", including cookies... leading to rumours that Cookie Monster had to go through rehab (OK, I made that last part up - but only the last part!)."


Dec. 22nd, 2005 02:20 pm
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And that's the last of the exams.

By my calculations, I need:

-a 76% average on my various and sundry Information Design hand-ins;
-a 79% average between my exam and my essay in Shakespeare I;
-a 69% on my Arts Writing final;
-a 71% between my journal essay and exam in Grammar I;
-...and a 69% on my CS 100 final...

To get 80% in each of those courses.

Not only do I think I've done that with ease, I think it's plausible that I'll get closer to 85s in some of them, and, if I get really lucky, a 90 in one.

It's been a good semester.

Next semester is going to make me kill myself in retribution, isn't it?
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Re-re-updated list of shit to do:

-ENGL 210H Final Project. Wound up being 6000 words, but done!
-CS 100 Assignment
-Grammar journal/final essay.
-Merchant of Venice essay.
-Information Design assignments. I have a week to slam these out, totalling about another 2500 words, while also brushing up on Shakespeare in preparation for my exam on the 14th.
-Shakespeare exam. Involves contextualizing and analyzing quotations, and answering some short-answer questions.
-Grammar exam. Still going to be ridiculously easy.
-CS 100 exam. Now that I have figured out FMP, I'll just need to brush up on my multiple-choice questions... half of which will be straight out of the textbook. +1 help sheet and I'm good to go.

And now, I have had 3 hours of sleep today, so I leave you for the warmth of my bed.
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Updated to-do list:

-ENGL 210H Final Project. 4000 words. I have an outline for what my 'design style' is going to be, and I have multiple, disparate scenes to try and string together; the problem is, Pat has now suggested a slightly different theme, which is also probably better for a one-shot.

The problem is that the first theme is also a better set-up for the second.

And I have until Monday to figure out which I'm going with and write it.

-CS 100 Assignment. This thing is remarkably fucking impossible. Normally, I take about an hour and a half to complete assignments. This? The first part of the assignment took me three hours. I could just hand it in as-is, but that drops my assignment average from 90% to 80% (and that only if I get perfect marks on everything I've done so far). Which is, of course, unacceptable.

In theory this is due Monday, but I have four grace days.

-Information Design assignments. I will have a week to slam these out after the 210H project, totalling about another 2500 words, while also brushing up on Shakespeare in preparation for my exam on the 14th. It is also a group project.

-Shakespeare exam. Involves indentifying, contextualizing and analyzing quotations (why, God?), and answering some short-answer questions. At least I don't have to do the essay.

-Grammar exam. This will be easy, and I'm not even going to study. Open book whot. Thank you, Professor Jewinski, you are the best.

-CS 100 exam. This should also be easy, but it's going to have FileMaker Pro stuff on it, so maybe I'll just shoot myself in the foot.


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