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So, in the process of TAGGING ALL THE SONGS!, I extensively used the Audiology of Utena website (a website that's been around approximately forever and has detailed listings of all the Utena OSTs).

Well, on the main page, they had a link to a set of mp3s for "The Absolute Destiny Ball".

This CD apparently came as part of a SKU remastered set of music, and is a series of club mixes for Utena songs.

So, for example, a techno version of The Sunlit Garden, or the bossa nova Zettai Unmei Mokushiroku (which is surprisingly awesome). The samba Revolutionary Girl Overture is hilarious - if Utena had ever had a beach episode, this would be the soundtrack. (Mambo Shi no Aphrodite and Hawaiian Densetsu: Kami no Na wa ABRAXAS are also equally amusing.)

See what I can do to avoid studying?
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Guys, I KNOW there is an image out there of Anthy from Shoujo Kakumei Utena with a blank expression (hell, there's probably a FEW), but GODDAMN ME if I can find it. Help?

Edit: Okay, so I can't get a screencap, but I can get a paused YouTube vid.

Also, I need to watch this fucking series again. Fuckity fuck fuck.

*goes and dies somewhere in a corner*

...but if someone wants to find me an anime reference pic of a vampire biting someone, preferably male biting female, I'LL REALLY LOVE YOU

*whimper* oh god the tired


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