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alexmegami ([personal profile] alexmegami) wrote2016-01-04 02:00 am

2015: Retrospective of the goals I made back in like June

Ha, so, the post I made before my new-year post was actually a post of goal-ish type things, so let's look back and see how I did:

* Prepare for and take my Grade 7 RCM Vocal exam and Advanced Rudiments exam (December)

Ha, ha ha ha ha. Nope. I did not do either of these things. (Part of the problem is $$ - I don't have enough to do either the lessons or the exams, or at least I didn't prioritize them in the budget for last year.)

* Get myself down to eating out only 25% of the time (for every 4 meals, I can go out for one of them)

Nyet. I'm still eating out more often than not.

* See my family more often - parents each at least 1x/month, siblings 1x/month, two closest cousins at least 1x/season. Call Nonna once a week.

I'm still at seeing mom & Russ once a month, but not Daddy; Katie like once a week but the others probably every other month; and Lydia I'm managing once a season (approximately) but not Lory. I HAVE managed to call my grandmother weekly-ish.

* Travel at least twice a year (short travel counts)

I did not go anywhere other than Germany/the Netherlands this past year. The coming year, I'm doing a combination of Cambridge & Boston with Patrick in April; and there's been talk of doing the BVIs with my family but that's only happening if I successfully pressure convince my dad to pay for me. ;) Otherwise, Katie wants to go to Cuba or somewhere with me (although I think she would find travelling with me to be a hassle). We shall see.

* Find exercise that I actually like doing

Well, as we already know, this is also my goal for this year, so it didn't happen last year. It is a good goal, I just... don't like exercising? >.>;;;

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