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alexmegami ([personal profile] alexmegami) wrote2015-07-07 02:36 am

I swear I'm going to start posting here again.

I'm just... tired.

Who still reads here, anyway? [ profile] roseneko, I know you're still around. A couple of others. Ferrett and Zoethe I don't think follow me, so that's no good unless I'm commenting on their stuff.

I want internets socialization that isn't fucking Facebook.

Maybe I'll just start posting about therapy...
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Well, I still read stuff from time to time. I decided to try out accounting this time around for a major so we'll see how that goes.

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Somewhat ironically, I've been more active on LJ the past couple of years than I was during much of its heyday, largely due to friending a few nifty people who still use it regularly. While a lot of folks have jumped ship to Facebook, I think a few are trickling back, especially those of us who are particularly verbose value the nuance that longer-form posts and responses allow.

I would like to hear about your therapy, if you're interested in posting. It's your journal, after all - this is where it's okay to be all about you! But if you're not comfortable doing so (even under friendslock) that's totally fine. I'm also curious about your work situation, love life, goals and hopes. (Basically this.)

I've missed you. :)

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Oh, ow. I've been there. It's a tough spot, but strangely alluring. (Which I guess makes sense...lowest energy state, requires least amount of effort, etc.)

I can offer advice, if you want. But I suspect tea and sympathy is more the thing. So come on over, I've got all kinds. <3

*tea* *hugs*

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Does Facebook not let you hide all posts to specific people? Kind of like shadow-banning them?
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Surprisingly busy! Having a good summer so far.

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I'm still here! :)