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Five Weird Things About Me Meme

Since Rose did it, I'm compelled to do it myself. :P However, I'm not brave enough to put this out on FB, so you'll just have to accept it here...

1. Pretty much every relationship I've had has been an open one at some point. (I can think of a single exception.)

2. I hate cooking "simple" meals, which means cooking for one (as I often do) is something I have to drag my ass to do. Want me to make a four course meal for six? Absolutely! Want me to make pasta just for myself? BLUUUUUUGGGGGGH DO I GOTTA CAN'T I JUST GO OUT INSTEAD.

3. I have read maybe 4 books in the last four years. In 2008, I read 50. In 2009, I read 17. After that... it's honest-to-god been too much effort. I've barely been able to read two of my favorites (actually, I'm only halfway through the most recent Discworld novel, and that's been a GRIND). It's exhausting and depressing and it is, like, one of the major things I want my therapist to help me sort out.

4. Given enough time, I will do a parody of "I Am The Very Model of a Modern Major-General" for anything I enjoy. This will be relevant... later.

5. Despite the fact that I don't actually eat tomatoes usually, I have a fuckton of them growing in my garden.

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What a bummer about books! I noticed your Goodreads goal was looking pretty anemic but thought maybe you just weren't recording them. Maybe an Audible subscription would help? I've found audiobook versions are a great way to get through the grind-y feeling, because then at least you can do dishes or something else 'productive' and not feel like you're 'wasting' the time. (Stupid, I know, but true.)

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I have in my hand physical proof of #4 :)

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Yup. I had to go digging to find where we stashed the stuff from that game but I think we still have it all and I did re-read that song.

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Books are overrated; play Yomi instead. ;)