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Not only that, it's the HALFWAY MARK!

070. Storm

That's De Laurier, not Pierre. You can tell because... um... he's sinister and it's Toronto.

Also I think Pierre had blue eyes... or brown... *cough* but definitely not green!

In other news:

50 Book Challenge: July

17. Blood Rites, Jim Butcher (2004)

Still loving The Dresden Files. Too bad they fucked up the TV series. And it was filming right across from my school, too!

18. Dance Dance Dance, Haruki Murakami (tr. 1994, Alfred Birnbaum)

I think I can deal with the postmodernism, it's the surrealism that threw me.

Yuki was the best part.


Jeremy and I have figured out that, if I don't read at all during November (because of NaNoWriMo), I pretty much have to cram 8 books into each of the remaining months.

Or, I guess, eat that extra $5 contribution to the Canada Savings Bond, BUT THAT WOULD BE WEAK.
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Holy crap that's almost a halfway mark!

056. Breakfast

Caitlyn and The Boy have a heart-to-heart the morning after.

(That is, "the morning after Az has beaten, bitten, and overall used The Boy in many interesting, cruel, and bizarre ways, and Caitlyn is JEALOUS".)

Fair warning: The Boy has pretty clearly been beaten and whipped, so if looking at such images would bug you, don't go look. :P (I think DeviantArt will also give you a warning, but.)

Now to figure out what to do for #50. :P
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029. Birth - Cindy with Clarence.
005. Outsides - Az cutting Caitlyn's hair.
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047. Heart

The Cowboy munching on a vampire heart. Tasty!
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060. Drink

D'or drinking Az's blood.

As noted in the DevArt comment, originally Az looked a lot happier. Not sure what happened with the coloring. O well.

I really like Az's face on this one, for some reason, but I'm iffy about the coloring for the most part. I like that bite though.
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025. Strangers


Not that I don't take kindly to interlopers, or anything.
No no.
See, we *liked* new people! Tears, Vlad...

It was just the ones that tried to take over or make us do as they said! (These guys, Frank...)



Jeremy: And it's Siegfryd ;)
Alex: Nuh-uh, I made up the name, I say how it's spelled! ;p
Jeremy: But... I has it writtens!
Alex: I had it writtens FIRST!
Alex: Besides, I named him after an actual Russian prince character.
Jeremy: DM fiat!
Alex: I will give terrible beatings! Not nice ones!
HasturHasturHastur: BRING. IT. ON.
Alex: *lol*
Alex: You're lucky I don't have a frenzy mode. ;)
Jeremy: Pfft, if you did you would have killed Patrick long ago.
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026. Teammates

Gina, Lucas, and Mark (yes, based on the characters from Empire Records), David's band and childhood friends.


Sep. 13th, 2007 02:13 pm
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066. Rain

Tears-Like-Rain, vampire biker chick Gangrel DO NOT MESS WITH SHE FUCKS SHIT UP. I loved her, man.


Aug. 10th, 2007 01:28 pm
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037. Sound

David plays his guitar. The best part of this image? His band poster in the background. Gina's shadowy gothy angel on the left? HOT! (They're supposed to represent Gina, Lucas, and Mark. David himself is not on the poster anywhere, though I did make a secondary poster that has a red angel with his back to the camera, his arms bound behind him.)

And this, my friends, is image 40 of 100. Almost halfway!

I'm taking a break from the vampires for a little bit to do three D&D images (Galen/Siegfried, Nadja/Branwyn, Owen/Romas). I never noticed, but we have two Lawfuls, two Neutrals, and two Chaotics (and that's what these divisions are). I have kind of complicated poses in mind for Galen/Siegfried (which is actually turning out pretty well) and Owen/Romas, so hopefully they won't suck? ^^;;
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040. Sight

Cindy using Auspex.


50 Book Challenge

24. Sailing to Sarantium, Guy Gavriel Kay
25. Lord of Emperors, Guy Gavriel Kay

The Sarantine Mosaic series. I quite enjoyed it, but then, it's politics and art and politics regarding art and also magic. Whee!

26. Whore Carnival, Shannon Bell

Despite heralding itself as a book that covers the geneaology of prostitution, Whore Carnival is a series of interviews that deal with the lives of here-and-now, mostly Canadian, escorts, streetwalkers, pornographers, and one john. It's a super-interesting read, from a perspective we [societally] don't often get. And now I can finally give it back to Jen. :)

27. Inferno, Dante Alighieri, tr. Robin Kirkpatrick, with essays and commentary

Finally getting around to reading these. Next: Purgatory and Paradise.

28. God is not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything, Christopher Hitchens

Mostly a look at all the bad things religion and religiosity has caused, and a denunciation of it. Despite preaching to the choir [hah] - at least in terms of atheism - I found myself annoyed at his tone in places. Currently working on a book that is quite similar - that is, The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins.

29. Today I Will...: How to finally change a habit, keep a resolution, or make a dream come true..., M.J. Ryan

Interesting enough that I'm willing to give some of the suggestions a try. Nothing really new from other self-help books, though her writing style is amusing.

30. Roma Eterna, Robert Silverberg

An alternate-universe piece of science fiction, in which the Roman Empire does not collapse, but rather lasts well into their 21st century (or later - I can't entirely recall). Their time does not move quite as ours does, with inventions and such occuring at different dates, and it all the while remains Rome. Interesting if you like AU fiction.

31. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, J.K. Rowling

After long and deliberate consideration, I still haven't decided if this is #1 or #2.

Still working on: In the Night Garden, Book 3 of The Dresden Files, The God Delusion, a set of Lovecraft stories that will probably need renewing, The Last Light of the Sun, The Roses of Roazon.
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Been a while since I last did this, eh?...

050. Spade

D'or digs a grave for a ghoul.
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088. School

Good ol' Jove Benedict Grey.
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012. Orange

Cindy's ghoul Sandy. So endeth the Ghoul series of pictures.

To do: Senses (Sight, Taste, Smell), Events (Birthday, Independence, New Year).
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024. Family

D'or and his broodmate Connor.


Dec. 17th, 2006 01:52 am
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Vampire's over.

We killed De Laurier. No one died.

And yet, it felt... anticlimactic.

I think I just always feel that way when a game ends.

It makes me sad.
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Of course, I've set myself some ludicrous goals for over the winter... but ah well, such is life.

In the meantime, I have offerings of peace and joy (or... well... ass-kicking and justice, I suppose.)

014. Green
015. Blue

Green is Annelise, Sam's ghoul; Blue is Edzse, Az's ghoul.

Technically, I'm behind on my wishes for Fanart100 (I should have two more by the 20th), but part of that is that I need to find out from Pete what Sandy looks like (for Orange) and then I need to stop feeling shitty about my lack of talent and THEN I need to work on more of these ideas.

The lack of talent issue really hit me hard just now, as I was browsing DeviantArt. *sigh* I... yeah. I'm going to go draw something to get over my stupid talent issues.

(Is it any wonder that Brian's comments to me today basically went, "I think you're a bright girl, but you need to shed this aura you have of 'I'm not capable, you really want someone else?'"...)
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Nothing too revealing, but you might want to skip if you're in the game.

Thoughts on the most recent Requiem LARP game: )

Also also also ALSO, Christy, you and I are now in a coterie together. ;)

There was also a Requiem TT game. Az PWNED! God, Theban Sorcery is hot. Though it still breaks my brain that there were no Humanity tests for Az involved. That seems wrong. Very very wrong.

(7 successes x that guy having 3 Humanity = 49!!!!!!! dice rolled by the Bird of Sin.

Patrick: [as bird] YOU NEVER CALL YOUR MOTHER!!! [attack]

That's right. Fuckers tried to take my D'or. MINE!)

I'll post more about each in their own posts at some point. And eventually get to posting about Gilda's. Also about the Zenith caste that's married to a demon. Yessss. All these things and more!


Nov. 27th, 2006 11:27 pm
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Last post for today, I promise.

017. Brown

The dogs. 30/100.

Annelise, Edzse, and Sandy are next. I will make it one third of the way through before a year is up! I swear it!


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