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Easter Vigil more or less made me want to do potlucking.

And join a choir.

Is it can be May now?

Also: more stupid conversations with my grandmother.

"Do you go to church?"
"Don't you believe?"
"Isn't your dad a Catholic? Didn't he ever take you to church?"
"Actually, my dad's an atheist."
"Well, I don't think that's a very good idea either."
*cue me walking away*

Things I didn't say:
"You know, mom never took me to church either except to see the inside of that LDS church the one time (the Bovaird one, you know), and YOUR SON never did either, so really, moral failings all around."

Or possibly,
"Shut the fuck up and leave me alone. I am sick and tired of your conservatism, and I dread having to live here because my 'job' after school will be an internship for however long. Please, God, please let me be hired within a week."

I also fully recognize the irony in appealing to God for such a thing. While I'm at it, can I have a smiting?

Dear Serena and/or Jason,

We should move in together downtown when I have money. For great justice.
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So Humber got back to me about the Journalism program - I have been accepted for it. (Yay!) Still waiting on the Television Writing and Producing interview - I'm hoping that it went as well as the Journalism one.

A little Mage update: it is official - Chris' character now knows of more Guelph mages than anyone else in the city, even excluding the newly-Awakened ones, at a whopping total of six (and has met three).

School-wise, I am... losing interest in a major way. I can't seem to concentrate on school work (i.e. I should be looking for sources for my seminar, or starting to outline my thesis for my Shakespeare essay, or deciding what to present as an essay topic to my Frontiers professor, or studying for Death and Dying, or...)

Bleh. I need motivation, and how.
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I. Am. Dying.

Reading week simply cannot come fast enough. I am going to be missing all my classes on Thursday - including one where I need to hand in a paper - due to my Journalism interview at Humber. I have a midterm tomorrow, classes until 10PM, and then an hour drive back to Bramtpon. Then, I have a Shakespeare essay exam - which I am unprepared for, thus far - on Friday.

So, in order:
-midterm test
-paper due
-Journalism interview in Toronto (2.5 hrs.)
-Shakespeare exam

On top of all that, I suspect that I have not been accepted for the Television Writing and Producing course, despite the fact that I haven't even gone in for my interview yet. And Humber still hasn't let me know whether or not I have a chance for their Radio Broadcasting diploma - I am still under consideration.

If I spent $100 on an endeavour that turns out to have been fruitless, I will be FUCKING PISSED.
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So my dad just e-mailed me. The TV Writing and Producing department (? or whatever) want me to come in for an interview on the 1st.


So - [ profile] roseneko, I promise I will read the FFIV story; [ profile] safti, if you post about Mage, I promise I'll comment; but - it may not be until after the first, though I hope not. (If I get my way, it won't be until after the 3rd - Wednesdays are a terrible day for me to miss, class-wise, plus I have a seminar the 2nd.)

Also, OH MY GOD, $7,300 for a year. (I know, not much compared to Americans or mathies, but for little old $4,600/yr + books Arts major me? That's HUGE.) It almost makes me say "Fuck this, I'm taking Radio Broadcasting."

I may be hyperventilating. If you see me and I look like I'm stressing out, uh, I probably am. I would advise not asking me if I'm okay, because that's equal parts likely to get you my stress story of the past 24 hours, cause me to burst into tears, or prematurely end your life as I attack you with the savage fury of wild, man-eating bees.

No, seriously. Man-eating bees.
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The Steeles 11 East bus goes to Humber North directly. Assuming that there is a dropoff point near Steeles & Highway 27 (likely), it is a two kilometre walk to get to Steeles and Kipling, where the 45+ picks up. Then, about halfway down Kipling, there would be a transfer onto the 44+ (which goes to Humber at Lakeshore).

By my reckoning, if the buses run at about the same speed in Toronto as they do in Brampton (and the 11 travels at roughly the same speed as the 77), that would be 66 minutes of bus time plus 20 minutes of walking from Highway 27 to Kipling.

I think.
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So I've been looking at potential directions I can take after university, as some of you may know. Some of these routes are a little bleak (for example, doing nothing with my degree is probably going to lead down a path of sadness and woe where I work for minimum wage. While this might be okay (see: working for Chapters and calling Simon about 'official business' on company time), it's probably not a path worth considering. After all, I can work part-time and harrass Simon at work just as easily.

A step that I'm looking into a little more is grad school. While [ profile] harukami has horror stories (or at least a horrific work load) at York, here are a few places and degrees I have up for consideration.

This list gets long, but please look at it and offer opinions? )

It's a pretty long list, but... those are the programs that caught my eye. A lot of TV and radio-related ones, which I don't think I expected... but I suppose it's a way of combining performance with writing, and I think I'd enjoy that. The law ones, I would actually find interesting - the issue is really workload, and the fact that I would not want to be a lawyer in the field I would pursue (criminal law). Teaching is one of those things - I don't think I could handle kids, but I could probably teach adults. Beyond that, culture and religion are up there.

I could always go back to UW for another four years... eight years... twelve years... forever?

What do you think? What are the top three on that list that scream 'Alex' to you? Three you'd like to see me go through? Words of encouragement before I have a mental breakdown? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
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Today I:

-fixed a JavaScript program that had been fucking pissing me off
-finished yet another CS assignment
-passed by the SLC and noticed "Hey! It's colleges-and-universities-try-and-get-me-to-do-grad-work-at-their-place day! I should really go to that!" (Note that no one told me this was happening, despite the fact that I'm in fourth year and, oh, it might have been really fucking useful information. But I digress.)
-saw Cordelia Stroub speak
-looked for more Leah tattoos

I still need to:
-figure out my Shakespeare midterm outline/ideas
-decide on a Shakespeare essay to write
-read pages for 376R
-do my Information Design assignment (minor, but necessary) (not entirely done, but I've got a week)
-read Woe is I chapter 3
-find my seat assignment for the CS midterm
-prep (?) for the CS midterm
-try and figure out what I want to do with my life after my undergrad


oh yeah. And


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