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So, hopefully soon I will have some better idea of why the hell my body hates me and wants me to die.

BONUS ADVANTAGE: My girl parts FUCKING HATE ME. Seriously. They have the WORST timing ever.

On the other hand, I can definitively tell the gastro "NO BABIES" I guess?

Still. Fuck you, uterus.
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No, of course it's not a brain tumor. :P

So now she's doing blood tests (...couldn't she have done these before?) for H. pylori, liver enzymes, and something else that I don't recall. She's got me on Prevacid, which is totally useless for the morning vomiting but I guess which she is hoping will eventually calm down my stomach enough to affect my mornings as well?

No more Gravol (which actually seemed to help some), back to vomiting. But we'll see if it works. "If it doesn't work after two weeks, stop taking the Prevacid. We'll see you in a month and call if the blood tests turn up anything."

So yeah. :P Could be an ulcer, I guess (weekday ulcer?). We'll see how the Prevacid goes, I guess.
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So, for those of you playing along at home, I went to the doctor about my nausea yesterday.

Pretty sure it's not food allergies, I say.
Pretty sure it's not environmental, since I sleep in the same place all the time, I say.
No blood or "coffee grinds" in the bile, I say.
Not pregnant, I say.
No headaches, eye problems, chest pain, heart burn, or other stomach problems, I say.
Only happens on weekdays, but I like my job and my co-workers, I say.

Could be stomach flu, she says.
Could be stress, she says.
Could be a brain tumor, though. I'm worried. Here, go get X-rays done and come back in a week.
Meanwhile, take Gravol, she says.

...wait, wait, back up, BRAIN TUMOR?


Okay then.

Off to the X-ray lab! Thank god it's a walk-in.

So what did you do to your head? The technician asks.
Nothing, I say.
I've been having nausea and vomiting and my doctor wants to rule out a brain tumor, I say.
Oh, says the technician.


We should give it a name, says Patrick.
I will call it Cousin Lumpy, I say.
We're going to feel REALLY bad when we find out you actually have a brain tumor, he says.
Why? I say.
Because it will kill you out of revenge for being mocked, he says.
Good point, I say.

Even now, it sounds ludicrous. I can't get over how ludicrous it sounds.

Stomach flu, stress, BRAIN TUMOR.

Coma, death, halitosis? says Jeremy.
Pretty much, I say.
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Feeling sick and miserable. And at work. Joy of joys.

Pete, if this doesn't change and soon, I think you and I are going to have to reschedule.

Cut for TMI grossness )
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1. I need to stop reading posts about how much people think the nWoD sucks. It just makes me angry about things I can't change.
2. I am so fucking sick. My face aches, and I haven't been able to sleep yet - I keep starting awake because all of a sudden I can't BREATHE. I think I am going to beg off Shakespeare (again) in favor of sleep, if I can, though I might call Patrick to come get me.

I feel sooooo miserable. Thankfully, I'm actually not all that tired.
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Gnnngggh. Sick. Damn.

In other news, I am still working on the wiki. Pat has put up some notes in the villains section; Mikey put up a blurb about Ripper. I've been putting a lot of little liner notes into the Vampire section (for example, brief descriptions of the covenants and clans, and notes about Az's dog). I don't want to write up other people's characters, personally, though I suppose if I speak to them on Friday or Saturday and they say it's OK then I might.

I'm also trying to decide on the best "layout" for the pages. I think the working one I have right now is feasible, at least...

Hmmm... maybe I'll work on it a bit more tonight (despite the sick). Maybe add Wilma's page in, though I'm not sure I remember all her stats...


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