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Today I:

-Made $75 from my Circlet stories (...I could have gotten some of that that much earlier if I didn't futz about so much with contracts, but that is MY issue...)!
-Did my laundry!
-Figured out who I am voting for!
-Wished Simon a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! He is now old, like me!
-Went for a walk!
-Got my Yahoo! inbox down to 0 messages! (Now to work on my Google inbox...)

Note that NONE OF THESE THINGS are "studied for my comprehensive exams".

That is because I am PROCRASTINATORTRON.

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So I totally blasted that exam I posted my review for. 93%, baby.

Kinda wish I'd done it for Assessments, but whatever. I think I did reasonably well on that one. Nopw the written for Assessments is coming up (1 hour), and then A&P tomorrow, and then I am DONE EXAMS FOR THE NEXT, er, two and a half weeks BUT ONLY ONE EXAM FOR THE WHOLE MONTH OF NOVEMBER but then I have to do another nine in the first two weeks of December, isn't life grand?.


As for more interesting things, [ profile] theferrett posted about how libertarians (specifically, and other people generally) don't look at the repercussions of previous attempts at their social philosophy.

But what I really want to know is, keeping in mind the veil of ignorance, which fictional society would YOU want to live in?

He makes a pretty good argument against Star Wars. Star Trek has a few less problems, but only if you're living in the Federation. It's definitely a puzzler.


Jul. 10th, 2010 02:25 am
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Continuing to do rather ridiculously well in school. Lowest mark I have so far is a 70% (technically only a passing grade), but that was on a quiz that is worth 2% of my mark, in a class where I got 91% on my first midterm. So. Not too worried, except for that oh god the muscles of the forearm can I just run off a cliff now? *ahem*

I've also rather significantly altered my 101 in 1001 Days goals. However, I haven't had the time to update them on LJ, which makes tracking progress (admittedly quite crummy thus far - I'm still at 57 goals with less than a year to go), but I've modified it significantly.

Basically, I decided I wanted to be a Renaissance Man. :P So new entries include specific readings, like about Medieval art or Middle Eastern music. Most major religious texts are still on the list. In the end I have split the OT and the NT into separate goals, not that I've moved very far on it (Doing the psalms as a separate category of the OT, I'm at Psalm 110 and Isaiah 10). I also have a few musical items - write a song, learn to play ONE song on guitar, learn to play one song perfectly on piano (harder now that the piano is back with Patrick's family, though I should get on getting batteries for my keyboard). Several writing projects, including "start a webcomic" (I really want to write a for-serious Exalted comic, guys, but I'd want it to be full color and in a style that I have no hope of ever achieving myself. Takers?) Perform vocally somewhere (anywhere). Take ballroom dance lessons.

A few sillier things to improve my skill at games, like beating the computer in Hard mode at chess; take a stunt driving course (definitely not happening before the cutoff date), go horseback riding at least once more. Several fitness goals (pushups, situps, that sort of thing).

Will I start or finish ANY of the remaining 44 before the end of February 2011? Oh, possibly - the Susie Bright challenge goal is still at 8/10, I'm drastically improving my 50 Book Challenge results and would probably be doing even BETTER if only I read some of those specific texts I mentioned ;) (Although admittedly my heavy diet of Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie is probably improving my speed immensely...)


Jun. 15th, 2010 11:41 pm
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So, school is going well. (Really well, actually. Of four marks returned - admittedly three of which are only quizzes worth about 2% of my mark each - I've gotten 95% or higher.)

But I'm finding that because of that, I'm getting two reactions from a number of my classmates. Which one is weirder, I couldn't say.

The first is a kind of... idol-worship, to be honest. Like these powers of intelligence are beyond the ken of mere men. And especially now, as I get older and my thoughts on this have become a little less self-centered, I find it awkward, painful, kind of embarrassing, and honestly off-putting.

I keep trying to explain to people that I do well because, well, in the language of multiple-intelligences, I have a pretty stellar linguistic intelligence, which makes written tests easy. I can break down words into their Latin roots at the drop of a hat, making puzzling out, say, where the costochondral joints are vs. where the sternocostal joints are easy. (And this often means that even if I don't know an answer, I can guess with reasonable certainty at the correct one.)

Unfortunately, I can't seem to explain to people that while I am great at the Standardized Testing Intelligence, that doesn't 1) make me smarter than them; 2) doesn't make them stupid; 3) doesn't mean that they will never learn this information ever.

It's stressful being the standard everyone is holding themselves to (or a lot of them seem to be, anyway). It means that if I 'fail', there's either going to be despair ("how can I hope to do well") or gloating ("I did better than Alex!"). Neither of those are especially fun for me.

What makes it especially bad is that I can't show them how I do it. It just wouldn't work for most of them (I've tried showing them and it doesn't help them at all). Unfortunately, they're going to need to spend some time figuring out how they can best consume/process the info.

The second... is a low-grade teasing about my grades, which in some people feels like it masks a current of resentment. A lot of you probably recognize that, I think.

And me, I'm just like... guys, the only standard you need is the 70% required to pass the course. This isn't a bell curve; my grades are and should be irrelevant to you.

Maybe I'll try to just... not discuss it further.
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So, Patrick and I are... done most of the small bits of moving out. (Our lease is up at the end of May, and since neither of us is employed or living in Brampton at the moment, we are moving back in with our respective parents.) We still have the large things - the kitchen, the bedroom - but overall, in a little less than two weeks, we'll be out of there.

I have to admit that it is somewhat frustrating, but there isn't much to be done about it. Overall I think it's for the best (somewhere in the ether, Pat's dad is reading this and vehemently disagreeing!).

Jen took another one of my stories, bringing me up to 3 stories sold. She is lovely and puts up with my tempermental procrastinating ways a lot. <3 I have to find a post office to send the contract in...

Life at grandma's is going pretty much as you might expect. I am well-fed but I could do with less... er... strenuous offering of food. (I think the record for asking if I want seconds/dessert/snacks/etc. in one sitting is around seven, many one right after the other. I may need to start a tally sheet.)

School is pretty awesome. As I was explaining to my sister - very heavy on the science! Half of my week is taken up by various classes. My day looks something like this:

06:00 AM: Wake up. (Actually wake up. Snoozing is, at best, 10 minutes. For me, this is a small miracle.) Shower/dress/dry hair.
06:45 AM: Catch bus.
07:55 AM: Arrive at school.
08:15 AM: Class 1 starts. (MTuF - Regional Anatomy 1; W - Professional Development; Th - Massage Theory & Techniques 1)
10:45 AM: Lunch time! Yes, you saw that right. 10:45 AM. Still, for me that's a good time to eat breakfast, so...
11:45 AM: Class 2 starts. (MTu - Massage Theory & Techniques 1; W - Palpation 1; ThF - Anatomy & Physiology 1)
02:15 PM: Classes end for the day!
03:45 PM: Get back to my grandmother's.

Yeah, bit of a hike! But in the afternoons it's good for reading and in the morning I sleep. (It's even early enough that there isn't much noise, although by the time I hit the subway there isn't any seating. Oh well, it's only three [long] stops.)

In the nice weather, the hike from Davisville station to school is only a kilometre so I'm going to walk it as much as possible.

Anyway. The school itself is pretty intense - a number of people seem to be having difficulty already with Regional Anatomy (they pin this on the instructor, but... I like him, personally, so) and Anatomy and Physiology 1 is basically organic chemistry (with some inorganic chemistry thrown in) and cellular biology. We have to maintain a minimum of 70% in both the practical and written portions of all classes.

I'm not especially worried, but I am kind of glad to be at my grandmother's - the only (consistent) distraction is TV, which I'm not especially attuned to anyway, the internet (poached from neighbours) is spotty at best, and I get home early enough (and sleep late enough) that even so, I get a good 3 hours of study in.

Now, if only I could find a part-time job.
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Draft #1 of "Stolen" clocks in at a full 40 pages.

Pretty short for an hour, especially since large chunks of that are description, but in my head you'd need those extra two minutes or whatever for big shots of the Otherworld and to express certain concepts.

At least, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.


I don't really want to hand this over. I don't think I can take rejection right now.

On the other hand, it's Gordon... And a waste of paper if I don't.

Sigh. Away it goes.
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But I want to talk about something else.

Namely, this study.

...Normally, when I read studies, I go, "That's not me. This doesn't describe me at all." I tend to be the anecdote that falls through the data, you know? Even in areas where one would think I could say, "Yeah, I see myself there" - anything out of PSYCH 318, say - by and large, no.

This? This is me. Even though intellectually I know that effort is really what makes people succeed, it's a very hard mentality to break.

But I really should break it.

Arts & Letters Daily is fantastic, by the way.
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That Heroes script just isn't going to happen. Not this week.

I can barely put together enough drive to work on my actual project. I just... don't wanna. (It probably doesn't help that I've been hit by a major case of the blues.) I've more or less finished part 2 (location manager), but I still need to do the "big" one (director, #3) and a fairly large chunk of #1 (production manager).

Thankfully, I've at least finished editing my MNIE script. In hard copy, anyway. I'll have to transfer it to the computer when I get home, but at least it's not due until Wednesday.

But none of the profs have gotten back to me about my other ideas, so my only options for procrastination on the big project are

-fix Stolen
-fix This is How it Happened
-play Guitar Heroes

(Guess which one looks REALLY appealing?)
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I'm not going to detail all my awesome gifts, but I will tell you which ones were the cherries on top (and they even came last, today!) -

My ThinkGeek shirts.

Shroedinger's Cat is Dead/Shroedinger's Cat is Not Dead

< geek > < /geek >

The GAP-esque sweater with "GEEK" instead of "GAP" on the logo

And one other that is on back order but I don't know which one. I'm hoping this one or "I'm blogging this". But EXCITEMENT! for whatever it is! YAY~

Mom was looking at the catalog that my aunt and uncle also sent along and wants this shirt.

And I get to see Joyee and Steven tomorrow, and then potluck on Friday, and then I pretty much have to settle down and do schoolwork ZOMG.

...what does a production manager do, again?

...I'm kidding. Mostly.

And that supposed Heroes script will probably only get half-done. *sigh*


Dec. 16th, 2006 12:44 am
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We saw the completed interstitial today, and my expression + falling frozen drink was appropriately hilarious. So was the rest of it.

I'm sure that sometime next semester I'll have a copy, either on YouTube or in my possession to force you all to watch.

And, of course, you can always get Drive-In Classics. :D

The Shoot

Dec. 9th, 2006 10:02 pm
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So, as you all saw, at 6h00 this morning, I was up.

That, alone, is a feat (and probably a testament to how much I like my executive producer, who shall remain unnamed unless she says it's okay to mention her LJ name ;).

It took me two and a half hours to travel from my place to the filming location, which technically meant I was late (8h00 call time), but apparently there was an issue with the tapes, so it was all good!

The project: we're having a beach party! Except, you know, it's winter... so a beach party would suck.

So, I arrive at the Kew Gardens beach just as people are trekking over to the snack bar, since we're going to commandeer the women's changeroom as our "talent area"/stay warm area. The temperature? -4, plus wind chill, plus we're on a fucking BEACH so there's NO protection from the wind PLUS it's about a thousand degrees colder because BEACH. Thank god I'm wearing layers.

Layers: undershirt, t-shirt, overshirt, sweater, jacket. Hat + hood. Mitts. Underwear, nylons, two pairs of socks, jeans. Add snowpants when I get there. Boots (Christmas gift from Patrick).

Still can't feel my face. Or fingers. Dammit.

ANYWAY! So, we drag all the stuff from an open-air location (ugh!) to the women's changeroom. We have breakfast foods! Yay! Donuts and bagels and muffins. We go to plug in the coffee and tea machines...

Which blows the fuse in the changeroom, plunging us (and the women's bathroom) into total darkness.

AWESOME! Time to nap... no! No, it's a shoot. Just five more minutes... zzz...

But, no. It's time to shoot and we're ready to shoot, goddamnit! So Brian (aka Leonard) goes out, chases a beach ball around. I'm inside the dark-ass changeroom, but it's all good. We're chatting it up, having fun. A couple more people get called, I think the failed sexy dancers. Then we are all summoned out to the freezing-ass winds and wait while Brian chases the ball a bit more. Then, it is time for my acting debut!

This consists of standing around chatting/pretending to drink while Brian attempts to toss the ball at Saj, who loses control of it because of massive gusts of wind! (Actual wind.) In trials, this ball hits me every single time. Sadly, it didn't happen for actual footage.

Then Alex C. (Sally in The Leonard Show) does her hulaing magic. Hilarious disappointment ensues.

Then the limbo scene! I am holding the limbo stick, which is a plastic thing that says "LIMBO FUN!" It is going NUTS in the wind. This scene was also hilarious, if just for Missy flailing like an upturned turtle.

Then... uh... I'm thinking maybe there was another scene in here, or this is where break was called. Can't remember. Funny thing is, I think if there was a scene filmed here, that I may have been kind of important to it. But it was early, so the brain-fuzz took it from me. Or maybe it never existed, who knows?

There may also have been a tanning scene, somewhere in here.

BACK TO THE CHANGEROOM OF DARKNESS! Hot pizza never tasted so good, nor did hot chocolate. I can feel fingers again, yay! More laughing and joking around, and Executive Producer-sama introduces me to [ profile] naturelf, who tells me about making EP-sama a Jayne hat. YAY JAYNE! We talk about sf/f geekery. She is awesome.

More shooting! This time, we are made to stand around a bonfire watching Mike S. try and light it with sticks. We have marshmallows and hot dogs waiting to be cooked, damnit! Those of us with marshmallows have two on a stick, often in V-formation, so there are a LOT of cock-and-balls jokes with them and the hot dog. This only gets more hilarious as Lindz is told to poke Mike in the face with her 'dog impatiently. And then again for the foley (sound). As [ profile] naturelf said: "The best moment was watching them do the sound-take foley thing to get the sound of the raw hot dog rubbing against the guy's face."

Sheer awesome.

Then we moved on to my ACTUAL debut. You know, me being a central character (because I happened to claim the "real" drink from EP-sama). My poor, frozen drink. I so wanted to drink it, and yet, it was frozen solid. And then I dumped it on the beach. It actually held together enough for us to shoot it twice.

And then the final shooting scene: [ profile] naturelf and Saj running down the beach to the inner tubes, grabbing them, and trying to pull them apart; alas, they are frozen together, and the poor young women fall on their asses trying to separate them. SO funny. Especially, again, when the foley was being gotten.

We wrapped at about 2, making the whole ordeal only 6 hours (ten if you count my travel time). Plus I got a hat and met a new awesome person! ♥

And that was my day of work.
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In other news, everyone needs to watch this:

YouTube permalink: here.

This is the Leonard Show,
Starring Leonard...

The first of many shorts that will be coming out of my class this year. It makes me nearly piss myself laughing. Hit pause for the legal disclaimer. Watch the credits (closely). Brian Crosby is love. So, for that matter, is Noam. And everyone associated with the project. I can't wait to show you guys the real first episode.

Contrary to the credits, I was not Sally. That's Alex Cierpicki.

There is also this gem: Thinking About Jude. Ethel is love. The TIFF footage is actuall TIFF footage that Shannon got, too (the interviews and such). Because she is awesome.

And then A Happy Stick Figures Production by Darren. You would not believe the number of cracks made about casting for this one.

You're right, it IS a quarter to six and I'm not asleep! And I DO have to get up at 8:30! Shoot me plz.
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I lost a scene and a fucking half of writing that I KNOW I saved. Because I save every five seconds. WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK, FINAL DRAFT. FUCK YOU AND YOUR FUCKITUDE.
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Happy birthday, Henry-- er, Kyle Schmid, who is one day younger than me and is hotness!


So I got my schedule for next semester. Let me tell you, Waterloo was SANE. This schedule? Is not. Rather than doing (say) 10 AM - 1:30 PM, they instead have times like 9:55 - 12:40, 1:20 - 3:15, and so on. Break shit down into half-hours, assholes!

At any rate. It looks like most days my classes go 10AM (sorry, 9:55AM) to 3:20PM, with an hour break, save for Wednesday (which ends at 1:40) and Friday (which starts at 1:45). Yeah, I have less than two hours on campus on Friday. That is how long it's going to FUCKING TAKE ME TO GET THERE!!! Why couldn't they have just slotted the Friday class into Wednesday?? WHY??

(I know why - the people teaching us are also professionals with real jobs, which is why the program is so expensive; the school has to compete with their real-world salaries in order to bring them in - but it's still frigging annoying.)


In other news, I've been "testing" (sort of) my physical fitness levels. While I haven't tried lifting weights any time recently, I feel secure saying that I've probably slipped back to being able to only lift 25 pounds, which is, um, shit. (My blood pressure, should you care, is 112/65, and my heart rate resting is ~66 bpm.) I'm sure my cardiovascular capability is also somewhere with the termites, and we just won't mention my lungs. I have terrible flexibility. In short, I am Unfit McUnfitterstein.

So, I am looking at this. Wondering if it's worth my time and money to hire a personal trainer (although the prices seem to be very good). I would probably sign up for the six training sessions or the "Variety Pak", because I know if I only signed up for the basics I'd just quit after the time ran out. But I dunno.


May. 3rd, 2006 05:22 pm
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(Shakespeare - 79%
Psychosexual Organization - 80% [which means I got an 88% on my final, holy crap])

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Moving out tomorrow.

Should be 'fun'.

I am not looking forward to trying to get a job. School is where it's at, y0.

I resolve to be a part-timer the rest of my life. So there.
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ENGL 377R: 86%
ENGL 490: 89%
ENGL 408B: 79%
PSYCH 218: 80%
ENGL 363: ???
PSYCH 318: ???

Exams are over and done with, and my two most worrisome classes are still unknown, but I'm feeling damn happy with that mark breakdown.
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So I look at my Article Critique mark in UWACE, and it says "19%".


And then I looked at the e-mail from the course instructor and it said, "That's out of 25."

...oh, thank God. I can live with a 76%. But I almost cried.


That is all.

EDIT: In other news, my unofficial marks for ENGL 377R is 86% and for ENGL 490 is 88%, yay!
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89% on my Brokeback to the Future (...I mean, The Brokeback Virginian... I mean... oh, forget it) essay. Nice. At least I'm only failing Shakespeare and Advertising, then.


Working on my Advertising final portfolio. 45% of my final mark is tied up in this damn thing, and I don't know what I'm doing. (Well... I probably do, but I sure as hell don't feel like it.)

Bleh. I feel kind of crummy overall.
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I have about 400 words to go on my "Brokeback Mountain" essay, and I am entering the final stretch and flagging so hardcore.

I think I will instead do a little bit of reading. Still need to re-read The Tempest, after all. Plus, maybe I will look up my five necessary articles for the Shakespeare essay.


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