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So, a few days ago, I was reading this blog post: Performing Gender: Playing a man, playing a woman (incidentally, [ profile] cythraul was in the commentariat! Small world).

Anyway, I got there waaaaaaay too late to comment there, but here are my thoughts on the question:

If you’re a woman, do you often play a man in games? Have you played an ambiguously gendered or trans person? What is your reasoning behind doing so? If you don’t, is there some other type of gendered expectation dictating your play?

It got me thinking a bit about not only my play habits, but how they've developed over time.

Those of you who played with me in high school know that back then, I rarely played a female character. If I did, it was only for one-shot combat in Rifts or the like, where the character was effectively a robot carrying out combat actions; the character's (if you can even call it a character) gender was pretty well meaningless. In all other situations, I was playing a man - and usually the same man: a male (half-)elven bard, (usually) with long, wavy red hair, named Tathar. He was a snarker. He was gay or bisexual. He was pretty much my go-to D&D character. At the time (ages, oh, 14-16 or so?) he was probably also a) my ideal mate and b) who I really, really wanted to be. I mean, let's face it, he was a goddamn rock star and also I wanted a penis really badly. Oh, and charm. I wanted that too.

...despite being blonde, that's who my user icon is of, by the way. (...This maybe have been the version from the Shadowrun-esque story I wanted to write - although I didn't even know what Shadowrun was at the time. He was part of a band called Three Halves. The drummer was a stoner drow. Don't ask me, I was sixteen.)

Online games tended to be more of a mixed bag, although even there: my first character pretty much ever was gender-swapped Princess Kakyuu, who became Prince Kage! A name which actually transferred into a later, Fushigi Yuugi based game, although the characters were entirely different. (I'll note that the original Kage also had the long flowing red hair. was definitely a thing I had. I'm surprised I didn't go in for Touga from Utena more than I did. But I digress.)

Both those gaming were utterly different: one was male-except-for-me (the in-person D&D games), the other pretty much entirely female. But in neither situation did I think anyone would care that I was playing a man. Possibly I didn't care. At this point in time, most of my interest in romances were homosexual (either m/m or f/f), and when they came up in games they generally fell along those lines.

During high school, most of my gaming was done online, and I frequently-enough dragged offline friends into it as well. I'll provide here a small sampling of characters that I remember playing:

-Ayori (female villainess, what we might refer to today as a waterbender ;)). Was loved by her female servant (and later another female PC), which was really the pairing that I wanted to work out although I think we all knew that if the game ever 'ended' Ayori was pretty much on the chopping block because villainess. Had a sort of straight history? Honestly, I think she was mostly asexual/oblivious to anything outside revenge.
...I know I played another character, but for the life of me I cannot remember who. *cough* Sae?

-Rhiannon and Eltanin (?sp). Girl elf and boy centaur, from the same game. I don't remember much about this except that Eltanin was a lech/opportunistic bisexual. ...both were redheads.

-Sugi and Kiimu, from a Card Captor Sakura game. They were based on Clow Cards. Sugi was Tree, I think? ...Kiimu might have been Mirror? Kiimu was definitely gay.

-Kage #2! This one from the Fushigi Yuugi game where we invented a "god of the center province" (which I think had been destroyed/conquered?), Horyuu. Kage, in the first cycle, was basically a prince in a very Hotohori vein (sheltered, etc). In cycle 2 he was like... fourteen years old and had never been allowed out of a room in his house because his parents knew what his symbol meant and did not want that shit for their son. ...this character was actually straight but probably mostly because my female crush was playing a girl...! He had long flowing purple hair. With a red streak. ^_^

I also played Tomo, both in that game and in a game that was probably mostly so Chantal and I could make him and Tamahome adorbs. *cough*

Then there was Antheas, which I ran... Characters I actually played were Lucius, god of lust & love (who was totally bisexual but mostly gay with his catboy servant... Sae, did we have a thing for masters and their servants-with-furry-ears? *cough*), Euan, an asexual shapeshifting assassin that I think we all kind of wanted to see pair up with the one-armed swordsman she hated/was teamed up with... um... I had a couple of others? After all I was the one running it? But those were kind of my two main ones.


I think that takes me to the end of high school.

...oh yeah, and Takashi! Also very gay! And Japanese! And useless at running his life, but big on heart.

((As an aside, you may be noticing that while frequently I played one male and one female, I clearly gave WAY more attention to the male characters...)

So. So far, not counting the seventy zillion iterations of Tathar, we've got:

Men: 7
Women: 2
Technically no sex, but I think her base form was female: 1
Female but turned into a man for the duration of the story: 1

(Also of note: even with the male characters, most of these would be considered 'magicians'. I think Prince Kage (the first one) had a sword, and Euan was a ninja. The others were all pretty magic-y.)



Reason 1: I played mostly in LARPs at first. Now, admittedly, I did play one trans man in a very, very short-lived time at LARP, but mostly I was female-presenting playing female. So there was that.
Reason 2: I don't know if I sort of explicitly thought this, or if it was just something that I picked up on, but there were a few gamers I played with that I don't think would have been exactly cool with me cross-playing, even in tabletop games.

At any rate, I stopped doing it, with that one exception. In the meantime, I played a lot of characters that friends will probably recognize:

-Lidia (vampire; straight-ish mostly asexual though)
-Aine (mage, also mostly asexual)
-Vicki (Aberrant, mostly straight)
-Seth (that one exception; Sabbat vampire; asexual-mostly-obsessed-with-the-female-Tzimisce)
-Az (nWoD vampire, mostly straight)
-Danielle (Exalted, sexuality is "yes")
-Nadja 1 & 2 (D&D, sexuality of "dragons", then nWoD, sexuality of "Danny" [her boyfriend])
-Tiger/Lily (a boy crossdressing as his dead sister, a la Nuriko)
-Shannon (a straight female werewolf who had angry earth mother going for her)
-Wilma (a straight female werewolf who was very butch and often mistaken for a lesbian)
-Mackenzie (an asexual female troller of a werewolf)

Danielle later got a million makeovers forever a makeover into D&D, where she was a changeling, but mostly presented as female, although she did have a relationship with a man as a boy in her history. (That was actually the 'mostly straight' version of Danielle; Exalted Danielle was way more equal-opportunity.)

And then Thorn! Who was a barbarian, but a kind of noble elven one! ...with wavy red hair. *cough*

Oh, and then Thrace! Who is a ninja, and not an elf but pretty close! With wavy red hair... *sigh*

And Bia (female warlord... I think she liked girls?) and a remake of Ayori (female swordmage, too afraid of anyone to be sexual).

...And Leah! Fuck, I keep having to come back and edit. Leah was a female adept Shadowrunner, and her sexuality was mostly trolls (physical trolls, not internet ones). And then 'Artemis', who was also a female adept Shadowrunner, and mostly had a weird relationship with 'Apollo'.

So just for university and the thereafter:

Men: 3 (one of whom is trans, one of whom is a cross-dresser)
Women: 15
Technically no sex, but her base form was female: 1

...definitely a HUGE shift when I started university, clearly... (Admittedly, I've been university and post-university longer than I was in high school, so that may account for the higher numbers, but still.)

Of these, Nadja (both incarnations), Tiger, Thorn, and Wilma were definitely "warriors". Az was more a science type. Thrace is a straight-up ninja, as are Leah and Artemis, Vicki and Danielle (all incarnations) are ninja-y-magic-y but primarily social characters. Aine was a bookish bitch (also a mage), Lidia was a nerd, and Mackenzie was, well, a troll, of the trollolololol variety...
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Yes, I am putting together another character CD. I'm even open to taking suggestions.

So far, I have the following (in no special order):

1. Sam Roberts - Sundance (lyrics)
2. The Veronicas - This Is How It Feels (lyrics)
3. A Metric song - which, I'm not sure [1]
4. The Protomen - EITHER Breaking Out (video) (lyrics) OR Light Up The Night (video) (lyrics). [2]

[1] Options: Monster Hospital; Satellite Mind; Gold Guns Girls; Blindness.

[2] Do I go with angst and the feeling of being caged, or rage and driving? So hard!

...yeah, I think that gives you an idea about Nadja.

So if you know of any angry rock that is (especially) sung by women, that is about cars, vigilantism, violence in general, breakups they're still mourning (with rage and bitterness and still the desire to fix it!), or really anything in the genre that you just want to recommend... go for it. ;)

I'd like to keep towards a more driving beat, since a number of the songs on that list are fairly melancholy...
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So SimonB and Patrick somehow... decided we needed to make characters for a pulp 31st-century Firefly-style Spirit of the Century game. The war we'd come out of, rather than The Great War, was basically the Alliance war.

Er. I don't ask questions, I just transcribe. And create Annie.

Meet the team!





So we have a... Simon? And a Malkaywash. And a Jayne except with some smarts. And a Book in his younger years.

And it would be totally awesome?

I have a futuristic SPACE PLANE.

Everything is made better by the addition of SPACE.

That is all.

RP Meme

Mar. 8th, 2009 08:19 pm
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Ganked from [ profile] harukami:

(You can pick any of my characters really since right now I only have one. ;P)


01.) Full name?
02.) Best friend?
03.) Sexuality?
04.) Favorite color?
05.) Relationship status?
06.) Ideal mate?
07.) Turn-ons?
08.) Last sexual experience?
09.) Favorite food?
10.) Crushes?
11.) Favorite music?
12.) Biggest fear?
13.) Biggest fantasy?
14.) Quirks in bed?
15.) Bad habits?
16.) Biggest regret?
17.) Best kept secrets?
18.) Last thought?
19.) Worst sexual/romantic experience?
20.) Biggest insecurity?
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So I got bored one night waiting for Meagan and Jeremy (sorry guys), and decided to sit down and make a Changeling character for each Seeming and Court. I figured I'd share them with y'all.

Some of them are re-makes of other characters, which will be... er... obvious once I post them, I think. But I'll try and note inspirations.

The Beast )

The Darkling )

The Elemental )

The Fairest )

The Ogre )

The Wizened )
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So SimonB mentioned that he wanted to do a blog post wherein he described his perfect game. So here are my points.

How my perfect RPG looks. )

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...[I]f you’re a player, tell the GM what’s working and what isn’t. If there’s too much combat for you, ask the GM if he could take a break from running fights for a while. If things are getting slow and you don’t feel like the game’s going anywhere, call that to the GM’s attention. I’ve found that some GMs like to run three or four sessions where the characters meet people, get handed or discover information, and get threatened but don’t really get a chance to DO much. Then, it all comes to a head in one session. Think of it this way: Do you like movies where all of the important plot points and all of the action takes place in the last 20 minutes of the film? Me neither. -- BlackHatMatt

This, especially, is what I'm going to need to worry about in my DB game. :P

Speaking of which: SimonL, Jason, either of you figured out whether or not you'd be interested in playing?
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In an effort to unstick myself, this post (and maybe a few others) are dedicated to exploring a generic character concept in three different settings: nWoD (with potential templates [other than Promethean] added afterwards - Vampire clan to be chosen by random die roll), Exalted, and D&D. D&D characters will be 7th level, to give an idea of feat selection, etc.; Exalted and nWoD will be basic characters [plus template afterwards].


The Mechanic

World of Darkness )


D&D )


Okay, I'll finish this at a later time, right now it's 5:30 AM and I should really sleep. EDIT: Onto the Exalted!

Exalted )


On to the next concept... ;)
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When you see a Shakespeare quotation in a journal, post one in yours.

Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind;
And therefore is wing'd Cupid painted blind:
Nor hath Love's mind of any judgement taste;
Wings and no eyes figure unheedy haste:
And therefore is Love said to be a child,
Because in choice he is so oft beguiled.

-Helena, A Midsummer Night's Dream



To everyone I have lied to with my Fanart100, I apologize.

D'or is far too feminine. In actuality, he should look like Major Armstrong.

...Okay, maybe not the cowlick.
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So Todd died. Dexter left the city after the funeral. Mackenzie probably moved out east and got eaten by an oil Thing. Who knows what happened to Jude.

At least Stan died.

In commemoration... memes.

Meme text! )

100 Themes

Jan. 29th, 2007 03:11 am
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And once more, 100 Themes. This time, the pack's tribal vows/tests.

006. Break Away )

036. Precious Treasure )

063. Do Not Disturb )

096. In The Storm )

21/100, 2401 words

100 Themes

Jan. 21st, 2007 04:04 am
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Well, I'm feeling depressed (again) and can't sleep (what else is new?), so I'm going to do an hour of 100 Themes.

009. Drive )

011. Memory )

012. Insanity )

021. Vacation )

026. Tears )

027. Foreign )

093. Give Up )

17/100, 1879 words
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Things I Have Learned From Werewolf

1. Never underestimate the sheer striking power you have if you're willing to lose it all.

(Mackenzie is a Strength 1, Brawl 1 human. She used to have just Strength 1. When she is in her most powerful war form, that goes up to Strength 4, Brawl 1, with an extra die for claws/bite. In her usual combat form, it's only Strength 3. This is usually against opponents with at LEAST Defense 3 (2 natural, 1 armor - war form). This means that going all-out (since I usually blow through my Willpower like it's candy and don't have any), I have a pool of 2-5 (up to 8 with WP) to hit, injure, or otherwise maim the bastards ...I have gotten more exceptional successes with Mackenzie in combat than Az ever did, despite the fact that Az was stronger (at least in human form, and just as strong if she blood buffed), used similar tactics, and had better Willpower.

And sometimes that was against the guys with 4+ Defense.

Yes, the dice realize that Mackenzie is really that punk. Don't mess with the small chick.)

2. Never underestimate the value of being a total sociopath in your desire to win.

(You know, one of the main tenets that separates the Forsaken from the Pure is that they're not willing to kill other werewolves easily. And one of those basic human tenets is that you don't kill teenagers, no matter how psychotic THEY are, even if you are one. On the other hand, when you really don't want to let the psychotic pack have its full numbers when they come to get revenge against you, sometimes deliberate slaughter of the wolf called "Warlord" is, you know, necessary.

Especially when his high-heeled bitch of a pack leader is taunting you and threatening your alpha. I mean, some things just won't slide.)

2a. There is nothing cooler than making a 40-foot jump down the building with her two packmates' unconscious (and then dead, upon falling) bodies, not hitting the ground particularly well, and STILL beating the tar out of her, despite being in a weaker form.

3. There is sweet sweet glory (or, I suppose, Honor) in dragging said pack leader, unconscious and bloody, back to your territory to gloat about your victory in the sight of the Lunim and becoming a Storm Lord for it.

(Much to the surprise of Wilma, and probably everyone else too.)

4. There's probably sweeter glory in not one but BOTH of your packmates howling so goddamn well that Red and Black Wolf themselves howl back (the totems of the Iron Masters and Hunters in Darkness, respectively).

(We're going to have to make good use of that +1 with allied spirits (especially since there are so few of them now).)

5. The funniest line ever spoken after game may be (re: Todd), "I need Weaponry to masturbate."

(Just thought you should know. Thanks, Simon.)


Speaking of which:

Pat was visiting his cousins a while back, and they were telling him about their Werewolf game. They were describing sneaking into Pure territory and sneaking back out again without being caught (over the course of a night). ...this got them Renown 5.

The BEST of us, for sneaking into Pure territory, WINNING against a pack despite a ratio of 2:1 foes:friends, AND they had their totem there and we didn't, AND we broke into their house and stole all their money/land deeds for their clubs...

Well, Todd got Purity 3. I got Honor 1, and Jude got Cunning 2.

Slight differences in expectations, no?

(And Pat has put us next to a Wound, and there's an evil demigod in the middle of it, and there are no other Forsaken packs until you hit either Quebec (MAYBE) or New York, and the only FRIENDLY ones are in New York and fucking Labrador, and they can't exactly come help or THEIR territories will get overrun in their absence, and also we have a total fucking psychopath of a Bale Hound here too.

But no... Pat doesn't like just fucking us. I mean, even the vampires weren't this fucked.)


Dec. 17th, 2006 01:52 am
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Vampire's over.

We killed De Laurier. No one died.

And yet, it felt... anticlimactic.

I think I just always feel that way when a game ends.

It makes me sad.
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So Werewolf tonight was totally awesome, and I promise I'm not just saying that because Mackenzie totally pulled not only an exceptional success out of her ass, but an exceptional success in something that she's [almost] completely unequipped to do, against a spirit that was totally blown apart by it [for the time being].

(Todd helped.)

(Basically: Mackenzie has a natural Strength 1, Brawl 1. She was in Urshul, so +2 bite, +2 Str. Still not very good, but at least she's now got chances of 1 success against Stick, the local evil dude's Spirit-Ridden lackey. Todd attacks earlier in the round, giving her 4 dice, and she blows WP and goes all-out, giving her 9 dice.

Todd deals a couple of lethal, then Mackenzie does. They each take a bit of bashing because Stick is made of, well, sharpened sticks.


Then Mackenzie is like, "Fuck you, you stole my brother and injured my packmate and I'm not going to take it any more" and TOTALLY BITES HIM IN HALF FOR SIX SUCCESSES oh, and was totally healed, like, fifteen seconds later.)

(Yeah. I fuckin' rock.)

To commemorate, here are a few shorts for Werewolf! (Note: "Drowning" is what happened immediately prior to said combat.)

025. Trouble Lurking )

037. Eyes )

044. Two Roads )

091. Drowning )

7/100, 770 words
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So apparently there's now a 100 THEMES challenge, as well. Well, I said to myself, I always did want to do fanart for the werewolves but figured no, no, that would take too much away from the vampires...

So, here we go. 100 Themes in 10,000 Words (or so), on the topic of ze Werewolves!

001. Introduction )

016. Questioning )

017. Blood )
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Nothing too revealing, but you might want to skip if you're in the game.

Thoughts on the most recent Requiem LARP game: )

Also also also ALSO, Christy, you and I are now in a coterie together. ;)

There was also a Requiem TT game. Az PWNED! God, Theban Sorcery is hot. Though it still breaks my brain that there were no Humanity tests for Az involved. That seems wrong. Very very wrong.

(7 successes x that guy having 3 Humanity = 49!!!!!!! dice rolled by the Bird of Sin.

Patrick: [as bird] YOU NEVER CALL YOUR MOTHER!!! [attack]

That's right. Fuckers tried to take my D'or. MINE!)

I'll post more about each in their own posts at some point. And eventually get to posting about Gilda's. Also about the Zenith caste that's married to a demon. Yessss. All these things and more!


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