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50. Henry VIII, William Shakespeare (1623)

Finished at 6 PM, December 31, 2008. :D Also concludes my goal to read all the Shakespeare plays I have not read.


Terry Pratchett is now, in the words of Neil Gaiman, Sir Terrence of Pratchett. Awesomesauce.


Goals for the new year:
-find a new job
-go back to school by September
-finish more of my 101 in 1001 Days goals
-work out with Pat
-continue to be awesome
-start eating breakfast on a regular basis :P


101 in 1001 Days Update


41. Watch season 7 of Buffy.

I would say I rate this around the middle of the pack. Not as meh as 5, had the super-advantage of Kennedy. Also some seriously creepy moments.

Still don't like what happened with Spike (the end was cool, though, but the whole thing was... I dunno. Really?).

28. Finish the 50 Book Challenge 2008.

Favorite book of the year: Oooh, tough. World War Z and Fledgling were both excellent. I will never stop recommending Pratchett books, The Dresden Files, or the Kushiel series by Jacqueline Carey.

40. Read all the Shakespeare plays I haven't read.

Of the ones I read, I'd say Henry V was probably my favorite. I liked Cymbeline also.

Favorite history: Henry V
Favorite tragedy: Hamlet (I'm a simple soul)
Favorite comedy: Much Ado About Nothing

Full list of goals here.
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050. Finish watching season 2 of CSI.


Man, do I love Grissom. :D

079. Try 5 new restaurants. )

Full list here.
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Keep up with the goal list here.

021. Go to the theatre. )

045. Watch Season 3 of Buffy. )

075. Visit the ROM. )

096. Get 5 stars on all songs on Medium or higher in Rock Band. )

50 Book Challenge: July (16/50)

I read:

The Name of the Wind, Patrick Rothfuss (2007)

Good! Quite enjoyable! If you like fantasy, fighting demons, interesting characters and a protagonist that is just that good, feel free to borrow it from me. :D

Poor Super Man: A Play With Captions, Brad Fraser (2004)

I just... didn't get the intensity of it, I guess. I loved Shannon as a character, but all the others were... meh. I think it's just not my queer community, yanno? And not to say it isn't important, but it didn't speak to me at all. Which makes sense - it's centered on a 40 year old gay man who's losing all his friends to HIV - just not going to relate to me as a 20-something bi woman who, well, isn't.

I think if I saw it performed I might like it more (I generally do).


I. Am. So. Behind. Agh. Nothing but Pratchett, Gaiman, Butcher and Huff from here on out, clearly.
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More goal lists to fail, guys! Woooo!

Successful goal reviews can be read under the goals tag.

101 Goals in 1001 Days )
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Did I mention recently that I am LAZY?

But starting up oh so many projects. :P

April had 4 goals.

1. Draw two Fanart100s.
I drew... 0.

2. Read five books.

3. Go to a training seminar, April 16.

4. Go to co-worker's birthday party.

FINAL GRADE: B+ (75%).



May I didn't even have goals, other than the implicit ones:

1. Draw three Fanart100s.
I drew... 0.

2. Read 5 books.
I read... 0. Or rather, FINISHED 0. I've been plugging away at The Name of the Wind, but half the time I get home and just want to sleep, not get sucked in to reading two hundred pages. (Because I can't read just a little bit of it, and long book is loooong.)



Wait, no, I guess that's not true. There were also three other implicit ones:

3. Buy presents and go to the birthday party for my aunt and dad.

4. Buy Mom a Mother's Day present.

5. Write the pilot script for Brad.

So let's call it...


A lot better, but still not fantastic.


50 Book Challenge

10. Wicked, Gregory Maguire (1995)

This was... weird. I think it might have made more sense if I had read Wizard of Oz first. I enjoyed it to an extent, but it was... well... weird.

11. Best Bisexual Erotica 2, ed. Carol Queen & Bill Brent (2000)

Enjoyable, though erotica is always a bit hit-and-miss. Some stories were very hot; others were literally laughable.

12. Lucky, Alice Sebold (1999)

Katie G. says she never finished reading it because it was too depressing. (For those not in the know, it's a memoir of Sebold's rape and the aftermath.)

From a reader's perspective, I was kind of torn on it. There were moments of really riveting writing, but also a whole lot of meandering and seemingly meaningless tangents. It felt like it would have been better if she just stuck to the events as they happened, without the side quests into her family history. Part of that may stem from the fact that she wrote her family as just plain unlikeable...

I agree with most of the 3-star reviews, I guess is what I am saying. :P

13. A Fine and Private Place, Peter S. Beagle (1960)

This book was also an odd one. Not at all like The Last Unicorn - which makes sense; the latter was written eight years later and is pretty much a very different subgenre (magical realism vs. high fantasy).
ASIDE: in looking up facts for that last sentence, I discovered that someone wrote a MUSICAL for A Fine and Private Place. This kind of wigs me out, but also: I must see it. Also there is apparently a novelette tying together The Last Unicorn and a new novel being written in that universe, slated for next year?

Wikipedia better not be lying to me.

(Well, it isn't about the novelette.)

14. The Best American Erotica 2001, ed. Susie Bright (2001)

See comments to #11. I remember enjoying a bunch of these, but sometimes I just find them laughable. I DO remember that this one was a much quicker read than Best Bisexual Erotica 2, I think because I was more interested in the stories.
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So, I don't have my book of goals with me at work (too much incriminating evidence loserishness), but I can tell you that the results were, in the vernacular, ridiculously bad.

I managed to:
1. Get a job. (Which, admittedly, is pretty good.)
2. Go to my grandmother's Easter party.

I did not manage to, recalling offhand:
1. Read any books. Any at all.
2. Draw a Fanart100 image.
3. Work out.
4. Eat right.

I can't recall offhand what the last item on the list was (there were seven total), but whatever it was, I totally didn't do it either.



In other news, the job is going well; I'm liking it a lot. I am totally exhausted from moving around file folders today (seriously, these things are five pounds each and I was trying to organize two large filing cabinets worth of files)... but otherwise it's good.

So, yay! Job! Now to catch up on the rest of my life... :P
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Same as January's - bold successes, final tally.

1. Contribute at least $500 to my RRSP.

Just didn't happen. I'll still be doing this, but probably as an automatic withdrawal from my bank account for a certain amount each month.

2. Draw a Fanart100 image.

No, it isn't up yet, but I did manage to finish the lineart and most of the coloring on Breakfast. Will be up officially soon, I promise.

3. Work out at least 10 days out of 29.

I'm surprised that I actually managed this.

4. Read four books.

Done! See below.

5. Apply to a job every weekday (21 days total).

I actually managed, uh... two?

6. Try out Toastmasters.

Never happened - we were always busy on Wednesdays.

7. Give Serena her birthday present.

Clearly I am a bad friend (tm). Though not as bad as with Nick's birthday present. -_-

8. Give Patrick his Valentine's Day gift.


9. Give Patrick his birthday gift.

Okay, not yet, but it's in transit. :P Blame Amazon (actually, don't, they're pretty good).

10. Discuss BC with doctor.


11. Monitor health at SparkPeople.

Yes. Now following their advice? That's something else entirely...

12. Draw Heroes fanart for [ profile] sae.

OMG, non-character fanart! Amazing.



50 Book Challenge

6. World War Z, Max Brooks (2006).

It's like a zombie movie in my pants in interview format! Really good read, I recommend it.

7. Fledgling, Octavia E. Butler (2006).

A good kind of vampire. Really loved the protagonist of this one, and it's a good story, quick read. Sad that the author died last year - but I'll be looking into more of her books.

8. What Color is Your Parachute? 2008, Richard Nelson Bolles (2007).

This was where I was getting a lot of those career exercises from. :P Good, though in the end it didn't really help me much...

9. Across the Nightingale Floor, Lian Hearn (2002).

Samurai and ninja in a vaguely magical-flavored Japan-esque history! What's not to like? It's practically Exalted! (No, really, I did enjoy it.)
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In January I had 8 resolutions. I will bold my successes.

1. Look into my RRSP.

I did so, and when Derek comes to talk to my parents next week sometime, I am going to put some more money away into that fund. Probably not as much as I originally thought - my plan was $2000 straight up - but I will likely put in at least $500, and possibly set up a direct withdrawal once a month of, say, $25-$50 (more once I have better work).

2. Look into a new bank account.

As it turns out, most bank accounts don't have much functional difference. I'll just stick with mine.

3. Draw one Fanart100 image.

I colored Birth and drew and colored Outsides. I also did the 10 Images Meme.

4. Work out at least ten days this month.

I think I managed four.

5. Read 5 books.

Indeed! List after this checklist.

6. Figure out what jobs I might actually want.

Managed to do this - even have a list of ten - but am no closer to getting them, because most of them require MORE degrees... that I don't have. *sigh*

7. Renew BC.

Haven't done it, because I might not. Or might change it. Doctor's appointment is in the works, though.

8. Buy SimonL a birthday gift.




50 Book Challenge

1. Making Money, Terry Pratchett (2007)

It's Pratchett. I love Pratchett. I love Vetinari. I love this book. That's really all there is to it. *G*

2. Kushiel's Justice, Jacqueline Carey (2007)

Um, kind of ditto. Well, I love this series, anyway. Imriel is... not as awesome as Ph├Ędre, but I like him.

3. The Art of Happiness at Work, the Dalai Lama & Howard C. Cutler (2003)

Interesting, but not quite what I was looking for. Still, the Dalai Lama is very engaging, even through the text. The sort of person you'd want to sit and talk with for a long afternoon.

4. How to Write a Dirty Story, Susie Bright (2002)

Useful information for breaking into publishing as a writer, and some neat exercises, but I felt maybe a little short on advice. On the other hand, the exercises were VERY good, and I'm slowly working through them.

5. Do What You Are, Paul D. Tieger & Barbara Barron-Tieger (1995)

Basically, "match your Myers-Briggs personality type to a list of jobs we suggest". The problem is - no one can figure out my personality type. :P My parents think I'm an INTP, Patrick and Meagan think I'm an ISFJ, and I test myself and come up ENTJ. Whar?

However, the lists for INTJ and + ENTJ did have some similarities to my personal 10 "might like these jobs" list, so maybe there's hope...


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