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So while I know most of you read my FB at this point, I'm going to put this here, also (think of it as extra, extra insurance on doing them:)

So elsewhere I wrote what my goals for this year are, and I figured, well, let's post them to FB as well.
1. Be gentler with myself overall. (I have a tendency to be a bit of a perfectionist, and not in a good way [is there a good way?]. So this one is the most important one.)
2. Write at least three sentences a day.
3. Read at least one book a month.
4. Meditate at least five minutes every morning.
5. Find something fun that feels more like 'play' than 'exercise'.

No, they aren't lofty aspirations (and I know a bunch of people are going *one book a month???* and dying a little on the inside), but... if I do better than this then that's good. If I do only this, I can be satisfied. And if I don't manage all of these, then that's okay too. Trying to make that my mindset for 2016.

2015 was an... interesting year. I did a number of things, even though it felt for much of it like I was wading through the molasses of my low energy and a fuckton of self-loathing. (See also Item #1.) Therapy has been going... well? I think? Like at least I'm able to identify the fact that I have a lot of self-loathing, haha? >.> (And also nervous laughter when I'm actually upset about something/self-conscious? ;))

I dunno. It's really hard to tell as it goes if progress is being made, but I think things are going well. So I'm going to trust that it is, in fact, doing what it says on the tin, even if at this point I think I've been going about three times as long as what it's "supposed" to run. (CBT and IPT, the two therapies my therapist is using, are both intended to be fairly short-term, and we're now at 16 months, rather than weeks.) I dunno if that's just me, or what. (I do know I have been fairly resistant to the idea of being okay with small victories.)

But, let's see how 2016 plays out. (Yosh'!)
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Soooooo when does all the warring stop?

(Okay, I guess by this point the warring is done, but something like five out of the last ten books have been wars. Man. Well, wars and the Israelites constantly forgetting 'oh hay wait the only reason we keep winning these wars is because we're good, let's go worship other gods YAY!' and then getting crushed until someone comes along and begs God to not let their enemies crush them any more. Seriously, it happens five, six, seven times? You would THINK they would LEARN.)

Ooo, Queen of Sheba!

Solomon: the first of the pimp daddies.

Edit: Never mind, back to the wars!


Now, to go write for a bit.


Sep. 5th, 2008 05:03 pm
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Trufax, the Bible is the weirdest fucking thing in the world.

It also needs a really good editor. ;)

I am up to Numbers 3! (Which is really not that far.) Maybe I should skip ahead and read some of the shorter Books to make myself feel better. ;)
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Same as January's - bold successes, final tally.

1. Contribute at least $500 to my RRSP.

Just didn't happen. I'll still be doing this, but probably as an automatic withdrawal from my bank account for a certain amount each month.

2. Draw a Fanart100 image.

No, it isn't up yet, but I did manage to finish the lineart and most of the coloring on Breakfast. Will be up officially soon, I promise.

3. Work out at least 10 days out of 29.

I'm surprised that I actually managed this.

4. Read four books.

Done! See below.

5. Apply to a job every weekday (21 days total).

I actually managed, uh... two?

6. Try out Toastmasters.

Never happened - we were always busy on Wednesdays.

7. Give Serena her birthday present.

Clearly I am a bad friend (tm). Though not as bad as with Nick's birthday present. -_-

8. Give Patrick his Valentine's Day gift.


9. Give Patrick his birthday gift.

Okay, not yet, but it's in transit. :P Blame Amazon (actually, don't, they're pretty good).

10. Discuss BC with doctor.


11. Monitor health at SparkPeople.

Yes. Now following their advice? That's something else entirely...

12. Draw Heroes fanart for [ profile] sae.

OMG, non-character fanart! Amazing.



50 Book Challenge

6. World War Z, Max Brooks (2006).

It's like a zombie movie in my pants in interview format! Really good read, I recommend it.

7. Fledgling, Octavia E. Butler (2006).

A good kind of vampire. Really loved the protagonist of this one, and it's a good story, quick read. Sad that the author died last year - but I'll be looking into more of her books.

8. What Color is Your Parachute? 2008, Richard Nelson Bolles (2007).

This was where I was getting a lot of those career exercises from. :P Good, though in the end it didn't really help me much...

9. Across the Nightingale Floor, Lian Hearn (2002).

Samurai and ninja in a vaguely magical-flavored Japan-esque history! What's not to like? It's practically Exalted! (No, really, I did enjoy it.)
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In January I had 8 resolutions. I will bold my successes.

1. Look into my RRSP.

I did so, and when Derek comes to talk to my parents next week sometime, I am going to put some more money away into that fund. Probably not as much as I originally thought - my plan was $2000 straight up - but I will likely put in at least $500, and possibly set up a direct withdrawal once a month of, say, $25-$50 (more once I have better work).

2. Look into a new bank account.

As it turns out, most bank accounts don't have much functional difference. I'll just stick with mine.

3. Draw one Fanart100 image.

I colored Birth and drew and colored Outsides. I also did the 10 Images Meme.

4. Work out at least ten days this month.

I think I managed four.

5. Read 5 books.

Indeed! List after this checklist.

6. Figure out what jobs I might actually want.

Managed to do this - even have a list of ten - but am no closer to getting them, because most of them require MORE degrees... that I don't have. *sigh*

7. Renew BC.

Haven't done it, because I might not. Or might change it. Doctor's appointment is in the works, though.

8. Buy SimonL a birthday gift.




50 Book Challenge

1. Making Money, Terry Pratchett (2007)

It's Pratchett. I love Pratchett. I love Vetinari. I love this book. That's really all there is to it. *G*

2. Kushiel's Justice, Jacqueline Carey (2007)

Um, kind of ditto. Well, I love this series, anyway. Imriel is... not as awesome as Ph├Ędre, but I like him.

3. The Art of Happiness at Work, the Dalai Lama & Howard C. Cutler (2003)

Interesting, but not quite what I was looking for. Still, the Dalai Lama is very engaging, even through the text. The sort of person you'd want to sit and talk with for a long afternoon.

4. How to Write a Dirty Story, Susie Bright (2002)

Useful information for breaking into publishing as a writer, and some neat exercises, but I felt maybe a little short on advice. On the other hand, the exercises were VERY good, and I'm slowly working through them.

5. Do What You Are, Paul D. Tieger & Barbara Barron-Tieger (1995)

Basically, "match your Myers-Briggs personality type to a list of jobs we suggest". The problem is - no one can figure out my personality type. :P My parents think I'm an INTP, Patrick and Meagan think I'm an ISFJ, and I test myself and come up ENTJ. Whar?

However, the lists for INTJ and + ENTJ did have some similarities to my personal 10 "might like these jobs" list, so maybe there's hope...
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1. Goddamnit, the 50 Book Challenge. THIS SHOULD NOT BE SO HARD FOR ME.
2. Do at least one picture a month on Fanart100. That's not too much to ask right? Especially since I have like three half-finished pencil sketches.
3. Finish NaNo this year.
3b. If I don't finish NaNo this year, or write at least 50,000 words of something - something complete - over the course of 12 months, resign self to fact that wanting to write is not enough when you have no talent or drive.
4. Find talent and/or drive.
5. Work out. Specific goals to come later, but "achieve at least average capability in endurance, strength and flexibility arenas" is more or less it.
6. Find some sort of job that meets the following qualifications:
-doesn't make me feel like I wasted seventeen years of my life;
-doesn't make me want to die inside;
-maybe even makes me happy to go to work (negotiable);
-is something I am qualified to do;
-preferably makes more than $17000 a year. (For those of you playing along, that's $8.75/hour, 37.5 hours a week, 52 weeks a year. You know... [what will be] minimum wage.)

This month's specific goals:
1. Look into RRSP, banking, and other investment stuff. (Specifically: how much do I have in my RRSP, how much can I boost that to, how much do I want to boost it by, and what's my plan for it; is there a better bank account for me; what to do with $1000)
2. Figure out what the hell I'm doing for a job.
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In other news about contemporary/urban fantasy novels being made into TV series in Toronto, The Dresden Files is being made.

I think if I can't intern on Blood Ties (working up the nerve to call about it), I'll try for there.
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A book review!

Tigana, Guy Gavriel Kay

Thoughts about Tigana )

Overall, while I enjoyed the book, I felt limited in enjoyment because of things that kept jumping out at me, as detailed above. If the men had been more... accessible, and the women more useful, I think a lot of my problems would have eased. As it is, if I read it again, it will most likely only be the Dianora and Brandin sections.

However, I quite liked this quote, so I am going to put it here:

It was astonishing in a way, but that course [...] - the life he'd woken to this morning - seemed almost inconcievable to him now, as if he'd already crossed to the other side of some tremendous divide. Devin wondered how often men did what they did, made the choices of their lives, for reasons that were clean and uncomplicated and easily understood as they were happening. (p.133)
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Am up to chapter 10 in HBP now, and am quite enjoying it. Will read more later, when mother and sister have finished reading aloud. For now, am thinking about Danielle.


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