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But I want to talk about something else.

Namely, this study.

...Normally, when I read studies, I go, "That's not me. This doesn't describe me at all." I tend to be the anecdote that falls through the data, you know? Even in areas where one would think I could say, "Yeah, I see myself there" - anything out of PSYCH 318, say - by and large, no.

This? This is me. Even though intellectually I know that effort is really what makes people succeed, it's a very hard mentality to break.

But I really should break it.

Arts & Letters Daily is fantastic, by the way.
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Pete Jennings dies of lung cancer at 67

Abuse Cases Open Command Issues at Army Prison

Many former Bagram officers have denied knowing about any serious mistreatment of detainees before the two deaths. But others said some of the methods that prosecutors have cited as a basis for criminal charges, including chaining prisoners to the ceilings of isolation cells for long periods, were either standard practice at the prison or well-known to those who oversaw it.


In the first interview granted by any of the accused soldiers, a former guard charged with maiming and assault said that he and other reservist military policemen were specifically instructed at Bagram how to deliver the type of blows that killed the two detainees, and that the strikes were commonly used when prisoners resisted being hooded or shackled.

"I just don't understand how, if we were given training to do this, you can say that we were wrong and should have known better," said the soldier, Pvt. Willie V. Brand, 26, of Cincinnati, a father of four who volunteered for tours in Afghanistan and Kosovo.

U.S. And North Korea Blame Each Other For Stalemate in Talks
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When you can't get real support, re-use quotes!

Following a car bombing in Baghdad on Sunday, the U.S. military issued a statement with a quotation attributed to an unidentified Iraqi that was virtually identical to a quote reacting to an attack on July 13.


Sunday's news release said: "'The terrorists are attacking the infrastructure, the ISF and all of Iraq. They are enemies of humanity without religion or any sort of ethics. They have attacked my community today and I will now take the fight to the terrorists,' said one Iraqi man who preferred not to be identified."

The July 13 news release said: "'The terrorists are attacking the infrastructure, the children and all of Iraq,' said one Iraqi man who preferred not to be identified. 'They are enemies of humanity without religion or any sort of ethics. They have attacked my community today and I will now take the fight to the terrorists.'"

If I wasn't laughing, I'd be wondering when this turned into Wag the Dog.
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AmericaBlog has found evidence that not only takes the main researcher of the Bisexuality study's ethical/scientific credibility out to be shot, but digs a hole for it and buries it too

(In other words: he's had ethics violations, was asked to step down from his position, may have ties to eugenics groups and any number of other things. Way to go, NYTimes. Way to go.)

An interview he gave to defend his 'ethical' position

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Today, you are either going to push my buttons or make me cheer. Going to read articles now.


United Church of Christ Backs Same-Sex Marriage

"Today's word is not the last word in the U.C.C. about marriage," Mr. Thomas said. "It is a crucial and groundbreaking first word in a difficult but important churchwide discussion."

He said the church strove to have "diversity without division, unity without uniformity." His hope, he said, is that "we will not run from one another, because if we run from one another we run from Christ."


Straight, Gay, or Lying? Bisexuality Revisited

In the new study, a team of psychologists directly measured genital arousal patterns in response to images of men and women. The psychologists found that men who identified themselves as bisexual were in fact exclusively aroused by either one sex or the other, usually by other men.

The study is the largest of several small reports suggesting that the estimated 1.7 percent of men who identify themselves as bisexual show physical attraction patterns that differ substantially from their professed desires.

"Research on sexual orientation has been based almost entirely on self-reports, and this is one of the few good studies using physiological measures," said Dr. Lisa Diamond, an associate professor of psychology and gender identity at the University of Utah, who was not involved in the study.

The discrepancy between what is happening in people's minds and what is going on in their bodies, she said, presents a puzzle "that the field now has to crack, and it raises this question about what we mean when we talk about desire."

"We have assumed that everyone means the same thing," she added, "but here we have evidence that that is not the case."


"I'm not denying that bisexual behavior exists," said Dr. Bailey, "but I am saying that in men there's no hint that true bisexual arousal exists, and that for men arousal is orientation."

But other researchers - and some self-identified bisexuals - say that the technique used in the study to measure genital arousal is too crude to capture the richness - erotic sensations, affection, admiration - that constitutes sexual attraction.


About 1.5 percent of American women identify themselves bisexual. And bisexuality appears easier to demonstrate in the female sex. A study published last November by the same team of Canadian and American researchers, for example, found that most women who said they were bisexual showed arousal to men and to women.

Although only a small number of women identify themselves as bisexual, Dr. Bailey said, bisexual arousal may for them in fact be the norm.
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B.T.K. goes to court after three decades of serial murders; pleads guilty


In other news, while Tom Cruise is a crackpot, the internet largely spreads misinformation about what Scientology is and what it does.

Starting with brainwashing.

Edit: is a good place to start.
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Rick Mercer's blog

Fucking hilarious. I love Rick Mercer. So much.

(Check out his story about!)
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Wooo, heat wave. Dunk was right, that IS a scary picture...

And this is how the US is 'rebuilding' Iraq.


Take the MIT Weblog Survey


In other news, I am doing up a Leah playlist. I am going to try and create an 80-minute CD; I am hoping it will help me flesh her out a bit better. So far I am trying to decide which Offspring song and which Econoline Crush song to put on there.

Songs I'm considering: )
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Love in Action being investigated for emotional abuse

Hopefully they find enough solid evidence to shut the place down.
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Parliament has been extended to vote on same-sex marriage and the budget

I, personally, love this quote:

The Conservatives were quick to pounce on the Liberals. "Let's be clear, the Liberal party is now cutting deals with the separatists, to appease the socialists, to prop up their corrupt government," said Conservative Deputy leader Peter MacKay.


I say less about the demonizing of seperatists, mostly because I care less. Even so: fuck you, Peter MacKay! :D

And, for less serious "news", a link to Jon Stewart videos! (Apparently, people think Jon needs to be "responsible" for reporting the news with incisive commentary. To them I say, he is responsible for being funny, end stop. Incisive commentary is why we love him, but it's not his fucking job. OK?)


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