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Plans for today:

-Get new mouthguard
-Drop off cheque to work/pick up cheque
-Mobile visit at 2

So I'll probably be home at 3.

Cycle for today then, starting at 3:
-30 min. cleaning
-30 min. writing
-30 min. rest

I can probably do two cycles and then hit my parents up for dinner/watch Bachelorette with my sister. Then come home and fill in some word count.


Update, 8:00pm: Yeah, my sister came over here instead, so what wound up happening was Bachelorette -> eat terrible food -> hate myself forever -> nothing of value has gotten done today other than getting my horrendously expensive mouthguard.


Okay, Alex. Let's take half an hour and do SOME cleaning, and then a LITTLE NaNo, and then you can call it a day, okay?
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Plan for today:

-Do morning prep (shower, breakfast)

Starting at 11am:
-30 min. paperwork
-15 min. NaNo
-30 min. cleaning
-15 min. break

After 1 cycle, eat lunch

-Continue cycle at 1pm, removing things as goals are reached + add that time to remaining in other categories

-Dinner at 6:30
-Client at 8

Let's see if I can keep to that plan...

Update, 2:30pm: Have done two cycles, no lunch yet (off to do that now). Made the mistake of starting A Slip of the Keyboard during most recent break so am weepy mess now. So, probably a good time to take a break, anyway.

Update, 11:59pm Actually managed to keep to that schedule, more or less. Finished paperwork, solid start on cleaning, not perfect NaNo count for day 1 but better than I thought.

And, for old time's sake:

1044 / 50000 words. 2% done!
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It's official:

I can only write smut/erotica/porn.

Anything else I try? I cannot meet word count goals on. (It's only because I switched out of the fantasy story that I'm even managing to catch up on THREE MISSED DAYS. I missed a full 10% of story-writing time, and today has to make up for 5000 words, or start to anyway.)

Don't even try asking to read it. Other people have tried. They failed. And I love them more. ;)

If I get really brave, I might post it. If you're not sure if you're on my NC17 filter, ask and I'll put you on (or tell you why I won't).
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Someone please explain to me why I thought it was a good idea to write a gothic story set in Victorian-era London, when I know nothing about gothic writing, Victoriana, or London.

And especially none of those three combined.

Well, except for Dracula, which I'm now contemplating ripping off EVEN MORE THAN just poaching Van Helsing (like everyone else in the world).

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I'll warn you all now: it's going to be all NaNo, all the time (or close enough) around here for the next up-to-thirty days.

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For Katie!

Ideas for NaNo sources, if you can't think of anything:

  • Characters based on:
    • Tarot cards
    • Star signs
    • Sims
    • People you know
    • People you wish you knew
    • Porn

  • Plots based on:
    • Tarot cards
    • Real-world events
    • Science facts recently come to light
    • A rewrite of your favorite non-copyrighted work
    • Alternate history (AKA a game of Chrononauts)
    • Dinosaurs
    • Robots
    • Robot dinosaurs
    • Cute robots wining and dining dinosaurs, then taking them to have sex at their place, and having cupcakes for breakfast the morning after
    • Porn

  • Moods and themes:
    • Ganked from LJ
    • Ganked from your favorite novel
    • Based on your mood of the day
    • I even need to say it?

Any other suggestions out there?


Oct. 17th, 2007 11:20 am
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Agh, NaNo is only two weeks away? I HAVE NOSSING

And I still don't have a costume for the party, though I suppose there's always "streaker". *laughs*
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115 pages. 40 of those actual novel-style prose, which means that probably, if I'd written the rest of it novel-style, I probably cranked out between 90 and 100 pages total.

That sound? My brain breaking.
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2,300 words to go. At the rate I seem to be going, that is probably... tomorrow. But it means that I can get away with putting out just 575 a day, if I want. But yeah, probably finish tomorrow.
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Just under 8000 words to go and seven days left. (I wound up being able to write on Thursday because Pat was reeeeally late.) I'm really tired right now, but part of me is saying "do it... write at least SOME of that!"

I mean, according to my wonderful little spreadsheet program here, I can bang out about 900 words per hour (and that's including the 0s - if I don't include them, I go up to just over 1000.)

Because I know if I don't write today, I won't write at all until around 10PM Sunday... and really, that's a big hit to take, even this late in the game. I mean, I CAN recover from it, but it's like last-minute essay rushing, and I want to be done well in advance.

Besides... lesbians.

So, I'm going to take at least half an hour for me and my lesbians. Maybe try and hit 43000 even, giving me 1000/day to go when I wake up. Yeah... that sounds... *head hits keyboard*

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Why yes, kids, that IS the 40k word mark.

Two days early, even.

*stretches and sighs happily*

Of course, I'm going to utterly MISS tomorrow for Werewolf, and I suspect also Friday, which will set me straight back to where I was...

Ah, but I suppose there is always "early" tomorrow (i.e. midnight to 2AM) and Friday, isn't there?

First year I'm gonna finish, bitches, and I'm gonna do it early. I'm not even padding this fucker. (Well, okay, ostentatious writings about what the dresses look like and are made of but PISS OFF, LIVING HUGE MEDIEVAL WEDDING VICARIOUSLY HERE, OK?!?)

That's right. 50k? Easy.

Mwa ha ha ha...
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I never did post my Tuesday update, did I?

Tuesday day end was

Though today I am already to 38,362 words, and hoping to expand.

I will write more about Gilda's Club and Russell Peters (who is from Brampton! Woot!) later, but suffice for now to say it was AWESOME.
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Crossed the 30k mark, woot! Only 2/5 of the thing to go!

I have split this into two parts, now: the script and an actual story-type story. (Really, it's almost more fanfic: it's about my WFRP character.) I figure, so long as I keep to my plan of sexy stories about lesbians, it's all good.
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Building that cushion a little bit at a time...

For the record, I "should" be at 26,667. So I'm just under 3% over the needed, or one day worth of work.

I'm figuring I'll probably miss tomorrow (as I won't get morning time to work on it, and Pat will be over and mom on the computer), so Saturday at Pat's may be a 4000-word bonanza to cover for Friday and Monday. We'll see.
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25,567 words. That puts me 1% over where I'm supposed to be. Woot. Thank god for that buffer, but I need to keep pushing it if I'm going to make up for Gilda's on Monday.

(Oh yeah - I'm PAing for the "It's Always Something" Gilda's Club variety show, which is being directed by one of my profs. And I get to watch it for free, and mingle/bus tables for the afterparty.

Also, LOL @ Rob's quote. Rob is also one of my profs, and is awesome and I love him.)
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Today is the end of week 2, and I am keeping onto schedule. Technically, this wordcount is a lie - I went 15 minutes over time - but fuck it. If I'm not allowed to fudge my time for the wordcountometer, who am I allowed to fudge it for?

This was in part because I slept from about 6:30 to 11PM. Of course, now I feel grotty and groggy and just overall like someone shit in my mouth.

Today (the 15th) is the day that I should hit 25,000 even. Wish me luck; I have 1497 words to go.
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Had to catch up from a very unproductive week (I wrote nothing on Thursday or Saturday, and only 1000 or so each on Monday-Wednesday and Friday), so today was HIGHLY productive, but only brought me back up to where I am supposed to be:

So this week I'll have to try and keep up, if not expand my lead a little. I think I'll try and hold myself to 2000 words a day.
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No new words today. Tomorrow I will catch up. (No... seriously.) Werewolf seriously impeded my progress, sadly. But that's what class tomorrow with Rob is for! (Though I absolutely love Rob and his class, multitasking is a necessity for me.)
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Another thousand and change today. Hopefully the next couple of days will be more productive, or I really WILL lose that nice cushion I've built up for myself. Still, only lost another 500 today... it's nice having a goal that is only 1500 words. I mean, come on! That's only a small essay worth of typing! I can do that easy.


I am also sick. :/ I should probably sleep early, but I kind of want to at least get 500 words in "this morning" - that way if I only write 1000 at night, I'm still keeping to my 1500 word minimums.

On the other hand... stress will only exacerbate the problem.

Compromise is key here. I will write until 12:30, then sleep for eight hours. Then, I will take the laptop to school and write more in class... though I have no way of transferring what I write. Well, I can get it off the laptop when I give it back to Pat, I guess.

Day 7, End

Nov. 7th, 2006 12:04 am
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Didn't get nearly as far today as I have on other days, but, well, I guess that's what the buffer zone is for. This week is probably going to be a tough one to write in - I'm trying to finish a script for class on Wednesday, plus a bunch of stuff for group work, so... I'm glad I have that buffer zone. Even so, I added another 1070 words to my count - only about 500 shy of my current "needed in order to finish on time". If I boost productivity tomorrow/tonight, and I work on it after I finish my MNIE script, I should be able to keep on track.

The words have stopped flowing quite so freely, but I think I've decided to change my focus from the naive protagonist to the slightly more jaded not-an-antagonist-but-if-this-idea-had-one-it-would-be-her character. For a little while, anyway.


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