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Man who kills sex worker released from jail after one day

First off: how does ANYONE equate fourteen ACTUAL months of jail time to THIRTY? Can this judge not add?

Second off, no, I'm sorry, if you actually think you're acting in self-defense and kill someone, you don't DUMP THEIR BODY AT THE SIDE OF THE ROAD. You call the fucking police.


Fourth, I call bullshit on the idea that she was a sex worker had nothing to do with this ruling. Oh, he was such a nice guy, worked with kids, had a good job...

...didn't call the cops when some woman he'd never met allegedly attacked him in his home...

And he just "pushed" her and she stopped breathing?

(As a note - if they CAN test to whether the cocaine had something to do with her death, WHY NOT DO IT?)


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Meme questions from Serena:

1. If you had to put a price on it, would you value emotional over physical connections or vice versa?

Hmmm, that's actually really difficult. Just in general, or in sexual relationships? I'd probably say emotional, but it'd be a difference of like fifty cents ;)

2. What is more important to you: working in the industry you love, or working a job you love in an industry you relatively dislike?

Probably the latter - I'd rather enjoy what I'm immediately doing rather than enjoy that I am nebulously contributing to a particular industry.

3. What's better: kitties or people?!

Kitties! Zack slept on my legs all night and at one point came up next to me, snuggled into my armpit, and put his front leg across my chest (like he was hugging me). SO CUTE.

4. Sugarrrrrr!!!! : true or false, and why?

Always true, because I cannot lives without it, precioussss.

5. With TV series: what criteria do you use to determine what is desirable about the show, and would you like a show if it were hateable (or simply because you dislike it or qualities about it?) ...sorry two questions, i know...

*lol* That's really complicated. I'm not sure I have set criteria for shows...
Ummm, generally, if they're comedies, I like them quirky or offbeat in some way.

(My Name is Earl, Arrested Development, Pushing Daisies, Wonderfalls)

...looking at that list, apparently narration helps too. *lol*

If they're dramas or dramedies, I'm more likely to like them off the bat. I tend to prefer them with something supernatural or historical (or futuristic!) in them. Hot actors help. A sly, dark sense of humor is usually necessary. Joss Whedon is like a +3 to anything I watch on a scale of 1-10 (so even the worst show in the world, done by him, is a 4. :P)

I like complicated relationships. Not necessarily soap opera styles, but relationships that aren't easy.

(Firefly, The Tudors, Dead Like Me, Blood Ties)


Jan. 4th, 2008 03:04 pm
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Terry Pratchett Diagnosed With Rare, Early-Onset Alzheimer's Disease

I take it back about life looking up. Fucking hell! *smashes things*

Thankfully it's been caught VERY early, so it's not like (as he says) he's dead yet, but... Alzheimer's is a fucking terrible way to live, especially in the later stages. And especially for it to happen to Pratchett is... miserable.
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I didn't think conversations like that actually happened.

Back story: the guy that refills/replaces (?) our fire extinguishers came to the office to do, well, just that. Darrell and Claudio are not in the office, so he gets talking to me. He's a very friendly guy, forties, speaks quickly (almost too quickly to keep up with).

So he asked if I was working here part-time or full-time, what school I was going to, and so on. So I told him about going to Humber, and he starts into this diatribe about university professors being wankers and stuff like that. Whatever, some of 'em are (I heard the same story from him as I did from my parents about York and UofT professors, so I can only assume it is true...). He's kind of rambling, but he's so enamoured with his own voice that I can literally just smile and nod.

Then he starts going on about television and how he hates watching "CBS, ABC, all those channels, because of their left wing socialist bias."

I just looked at him.

Oh no, but it continued. He loves Bill O'Reilly, FOX News. "Everyone says they're so right-wing, but really, they're kind of right of centre. And Bill O'Reilly, well, he's all over the place."

I smiled and nodded, not sure if the correct response was "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA you're joking, right?", "I voted NDP", or "Wow, suddenly I've realized what Tucker Carlson looks like without his bowtie."

He continues going on about the left-wing socialist media - no, seriously, he couldn't refer to the media without using these words - and then subtly shifts his focus to celebrities that attempt to do humane things. "What's Bono really doing? Trying to get on magazine covers, I think. He's just a celebrity." Apparently sending money to Africa doesn't work, because a 20/20 reporter wrote that it doesn't. "Angelina Jolie might really care about kids in Africa, but Brad Pitt? I doubt it." My mind envisions Christy and Amber, now named Team Short, Brunette, And Kicking His Ass, well, kicking his ass.

I slowly move forward, and he backs out the door, finally leaving with some cheerful words goodbye.

I am so very amused.

Left-wing socialist media.

Right, and Bill O'Reilly's right-of-centre.

This man has obviously never heard of Michael Corin.
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So you say the national media is biased against you, Mr. Harper?


(That's a rhetorical question. I know he is.)

Let's just take up that old US mantra of "oh, the liberal media is out to get me!" It's worked amazingly well for them, after all.

Reality has a well-known liberal bias, doesn't it, Mr. Harper?

He's trying to have his staff "select" which reporters get to ask him questions. Mmm, shades of Jeff Gannon. Good for the reporters for walking out.

Harper has said that he will deal with the local media instead...

"Basically, what he's saying is the regional media can be trusted to be compliant. They will find that insulting," said Chris Dornan, head of Carleton University's journalism school.

"Just as the national press corps will find insulting the suggestion that they're all paid-up Liberal hacks.

"He's going out of his way to make enemies - and that's not a good sign."

CBC version of the story (not different, just more... ours): Harper says he's finished with Ottawa press corps
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Glenn Feron's Art of Retouching

He has forty some-odd pictures of models, with the retouched versions - and then, if you roll over, the untouched versions.

Some of them, it's a very dramatic difference, but all of them have the same features - colors brightened, shadows lessened. There's also no small amount of changing breast, stomach, and butt sizes. (In one really dramatic case, I think Halle Berry is wearing a strapless dress in the mouseover, which is replaced by boobs.)

The weirdest to see, I think, is the facial change - getting rid of shadows and smoothing out skin almost necessitates that cheekbones disappear. Seeing the difference really highlights how unnatural these touched up photographs are. The other big one is the eyes - how they're made to seem wider, how colors change.

Funny enough, for two of my favorites, I prefer the untouched versions.


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