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So Humber got back to me about the Journalism program - I have been accepted for it. (Yay!) Still waiting on the Television Writing and Producing interview - I'm hoping that it went as well as the Journalism one.

A little Mage update: it is official - Chris' character now knows of more Guelph mages than anyone else in the city, even excluding the newly-Awakened ones, at a whopping total of six (and has met three).

School-wise, I am... losing interest in a major way. I can't seem to concentrate on school work (i.e. I should be looking for sources for my seminar, or starting to outline my thesis for my Shakespeare essay, or deciding what to present as an essay topic to my Frontiers professor, or studying for Death and Dying, or...)

Bleh. I need motivation, and how.
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Is it horrible Gary Stu-ing to give Easton Life 4, Mind 4, Space 2 (maybe 3), Prime 2?

But... Supreme Honing and Supreme Augmentation *gibbers* I mean, they fit for a Platonic Ideal, right?


(On the other hand, think how much huger The Smiler will have to be...)
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Nerd, Geek, or Dork? )

I think I'm going to start putting up character profiles for the Mage game I'm gonna run. That means if you're in it, or might be - don't read 'em. ;P Otherwise, let me know what you think...
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OMFG, why couldn't we get "Mage through the eyes of a signature character" from the Nemean?!

"Have you ever eaten a human heart? Neither have I, but your incompetence is making me positively famished."

Brutal man. I like him.

Not like that so-much-more-occult-than-you Arctos idiot...
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Mage Demo Part 5 is up


This is a really neat story, but you'd need to make ABSOLUTELY SURE that you could trust Tyrhennus' player.
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Idiots infest the Mage forums

To sum up:

A: "Is there Goetic magic in newMage?"
WW writer: "Yes, one of the secondary characters practices it in the demo."
A: "[after reading] That's not REAL Goetic magic. It's newage psychobabble."
WW writer: "Uh, here's what my copy of [book describing Goetic magic] says. [proves that Adam really does perform Goetic magic]"
A: "It's newage psychobabble! That's not REAL Goetic magic! REAL Goetic magic summons up spirits with names and shit FROM THE OUTSIDE, not your BRAIN!

I know! I've been practicing it for EIGHT YEARS!"

Oh em fucking gee.
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Mage Demo part 2 is up.

A Wrath spirit has possessed another mage.

Her Shadow Name is Amelia.

Wrath spirit... named Amy.

Ohhhh, amused. So very amused.
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Mage politics delineated

First of the Signature Characters

Not a big fan of this guy.

Mage politics seems pretty standard - hope in the actual book they have a bunch of options/different titles for ways Consilii can be run.
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F'rex, the mechanics in the demo are skimpy, because explaining everything in the magic chapter would have reduced the scenario to "Oh noes! Goblins! The end."

--BlackHat_Matt, on the forums.


Jul. 5th, 2005 04:43 pm
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The intro is up. The intro is up.

(I find it's better to right-click save.)

I don't have much time to read it - I'm still at work - but it looks neat.

My only wish: that Werewolf and Mage had had just-Awakened/Transformed characters in their Quickstarts, like Requiem. Unfortunately, unlike Requiem, such an occurence is unlikely.
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Today's Mage update (scroll past the quote from the Declaration).
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This post on Shadownessence details most of the same stuff the other post did, but has a couple of extra notes.
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Mage notes from Origins

Let me tell you, this looks pretty hot to me.

I really like the idea of arcane experience vs. mundane experience - seeking out the mysteries of the world helps you expand your magical knowledge. I also like that there's no limit on Arcanum.

Morality Stat: Wisdom

Resonance: still exists, but as a magical flavor in areas (just as werewolf loci have "flavors") - these can be changed temporarily with magic, or permanently with thought and effort

True Names vs. Shadow Names still exists - poor Easton. But I wonder if Melody is a true name, or a Shadow Name? ;)

"The most influential and knowledgeable body of local governance over the Awakened is known as a Consilium. Like a local senate, a Consilium consists of all the local representatives of the orders and cabals at work in a given area, and it works to see to the best interests of the Awakened who live in that area."

And this I like:

To regain spent Mana, a mage can do one of several things. He can perform an oblation (a ritual function associated with his path) at a Hallow. Doing so requires an hour of uninterrupted ceremony and a Gnosis + Composure roll. Each success provides one Mana. Mages cannot gain more Mana per day, however, than the Hallow's rating. Mages can also scour their bodies to free up Mana. A mage elects to degrade one of his Physical Attributes by one dot in return for three Mana points. The lost Attribute dot is restored 24 hours later. Scouring takes one full turn. A mage could elect to scour his Health instead. He suffers one lethal wound and gains three Mana points. Magic cannot protect against this damage, and it cannot be healed by Pattern restoration or any known Awakened magic. It heals naturally at the normal rate. Unlike the scouring of Attributes, there is no limit to the number of Health scourings a mage can perform in the same day.


Paradox: still exists, much the same way it did in old!Mage (though I think the backlash rules differ).

Reducing Paradox: If a player doesn't want his mage to run the risk of a severe Paradox problem, he can have his character mitigate the paradox by spending Mana. For every Mana spent (bearing in mind his total allowed expenditure per turn), he removes one of the dice from the Paradox pool the storyteller rolls.

New Mage Merits: Mage merits are Destiny (two additional dice per game session per dot, but imposes an equal penalty when mage's ban is present), Thrall (someone who owes you favors) and Dream (once per session, can pray and roll Wits + Composure to get info about something). There are three types of Wonders, based on what they do.


There are two forms of magic: lesser and greater. Greater, I assume, is magic that you inherently know from your path (i.e. Time and Fate for Acanthus). The inferior form requires more experience to learn and needs a teacher from another Path.

Personal Ascension, becoming an Oracle or an Exarch is possible, as part of a chronicle focused on it like Golconda in Vampire.

Gnosis higher than Wisdom also increases Paradox. (NICE.)

The true name is the one the mage's birth name. There's a merit called Occultation which hides the mage's resonance, but he has to give up connections to Sleeper society.


I am SO psyched for the demo, now. Pat, run the demo? Run eeeet!


Jun. 30th, 2005 10:43 am
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I guess to make up for yesterday's uber-late Space, they decided to make today's Spirit uber-early.

I give you today's Mage update.


Purview: exorcism, the Shadow Realm, soul retrieval, spirits, the Gauntlet

By setting out on the path of the Arcanum of Spirit, a mage seeks to become an intermediary between realms. Spirit mages are often thoughtful people, those who consider the consequences of their actions well beyond the immediate and how those actions will affect their world around them—not only forward into time, but also outward, mindful of the ripples their deeds can cause. Many Spirit mages were religious (or at least faithful) people before the Awakening, though some were incapable of articulating what it was that they felt and still others believed strongly in nothing before the revelation came that stole their ignorance. Many of those who delve into this Arcanum are willing to comfortably admit that there are things beyond the comprehension of man. They walk into the shadows beyond the firelight, knowing full well that there are things to be afraid of out there and perfectly happy with that understanding. Unlike Space mages, they do not blaze a path for others; the road such mages walk is a solitary path, one undertaken only by those who accept that the world is grander, stranger and more dangerous than humanity can possibly even fully comprehend or overcome.

Spirit Guardian (Spirit ••••)

This spell enables a mage to bind a spirit guardian to a person, object or place. The entity watches over its charge to the best of its ability, protecting it as best it can with what powers are available to it. While weak spirits have few powers to offer, they are easy to bind. Strong spirits are difficult to fetter with this spell, but they usually have many capabilities to bring to bear.

Practice: Patterning


Dude, that means that at least in one aspect, Death and Spirit are diametrically opposed; Death soul-steals, Spirit soul-retrieves. That is cool-ass, mutherfuckers.

Also, I like the idea of spirit guardians. I wonder if werewolves like or hate this practice? I'm leaning on the side of hate.
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Check back here for mash-ups.

Mage spoiler is really late today. Weird.
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This week starts with a Mind 1 spell: One Mind, Two Thoughts

Useful for all those students out there. Maybe Jeremy should be a Mastigos. *g*


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