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Okay, so someone explain the following to me (as posted on [ profile] shadesong's post:

Vampire porn: William Shakespeare.
Random blog post: Stephen King.
Wonderland porn A: Dan Brown.
Wonderland porn B: Chuck Palahniuk.
Cyberpunk porn: Raymond Chandler.
SF porn: Stephen King. I have any other porn I can put through it... hmmm...

Nope, but I have
Terrible fantasy that should never see the light of day: Vladmir Nabokov.

Meta?: Chuck Palahniuk.


I don't even know.
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So SimonB and Patrick somehow... decided we needed to make characters for a pulp 31st-century Firefly-style Spirit of the Century game. The war we'd come out of, rather than The Great War, was basically the Alliance war.

Er. I don't ask questions, I just transcribe. And create Annie.

Meet the team!





So we have a... Simon? And a Malkaywash. And a Jayne except with some smarts. And a Book in his younger years.

And it would be totally awesome?

I have a futuristic SPACE PLANE.

Everything is made better by the addition of SPACE.

That is all.


Jun. 22nd, 2010 08:02 pm
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I hate to say it, but not everyone is a winner. In fact, most of these so-called financial 'experts' are failures.

Actually, I don't hate saying that. I'll say that to their faces again and again. Yeah, I'm a frail Indian man throwing verbal punches here on page 165 of a personal-finance book. This is how battles should be fought.

-Ramit Sethi
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Best thing I have heard today.

I may be changing Patrick's laptop settings as we speak.
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P: My buddy's gone. And now that A's not here, I think you're the person for the job.
ME: Okay, so?
P: How do you feel about taking up smoking and chasing girls?
ME: Chasing girls would be okay, but I don't think I can do the smoking.
P: Well, one out of two isn't bad.
ME: Do you want me to come hang out with you for your cigarette break?
P: That's what it comes down to, isn't it? [uproarious laughter, leaves]
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I think a few of you were confused by my last post. Namely, that it's not like I invented it or anything. I was just reporting on what I saw. I can't explain it any better than you can. I just thought it was fucking hilarious.

As a follow-up:

A: If I had to sit in that office for three minutes, I'd fall asleep against the wall.
P: If I had to sit in that office, I'd become a suicide bomber.
P (to me): You can't repeat anything we say or we'll kill you.
ME: (barely containing laughter) Sounds like a plan.
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P: We should be soulmates. We have ESPN. Psychic soulmates. We should date.
A: Isn't that TSN?
P: No, ESPN. You're so silly. Like a rabbit. But yeah, we should totally go on dates and have ESPN and lie to each other about our ages.
A: We already do, buddy. We already do.
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So this... uh, person (man, I think, now) teaching English over in Japan realized that, since exams happen three weeks before the end of school, his students were... not paying attention.

So he gave them a quick course on American-style comics...

and had them fill in blanked-out speech bubbles from Penny Arcade comics.

I am laughing SO hard.

So far, my favorite is Gabe/Tycho Slash, Volume 2, but Love Letters/It's a Tie is also fucking awesome. As is No, That's A Mailbox. Oh, and Final Fantasy Tactics, Tycho's Faith is Shattered, and Poison For Penis Enlargement. And something tells me the real Tycho would try this...

It's a bear forecast, and I don't mean in the stock market.

Wait, so Blade's blind date is a lesbian? Also, how old is she?

Also, I wish I'd known I could demand consolation money post-breakup. THESE KIDS ARE SO FUCKING AWESOME.

Tycho/Gabe mpreg, oh god, it hurts to laugh

Gabe Meets Jesus... or DOES he? Kill him to be sure.

Scientology motivational poster.

The truth about Jesus.

Jesus explains his holiday policy

Tycho's a bastard.

Check it out.


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