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So, [ profile] harukami posted a meme that goes something like this: reply and I'll give you four fandoms. You then have to make an entry writing about your favorite character from each fandom, and why.

And proceeded to hand me the following four:


Oh sure, give me something easy to start with, why don't you. ;P


So, after going, "well, clearly it's - but no, what about - er, and also - oh, damn" for about twenty minutes (no lie, kids, this is what study time is for!), my final answer is I can't choose! probably Utena herself. In the past, and possibly even on a different day, this could also have been Juri, Anthy, or Miki.

NOTE! In the movie version, I'd probably switch this to Anthy. I can't speak to the manga, but probably Miki not at all influenced because apparently they're all Straighty McStraightertons. And musical (N.B. the first one, apparently we're up to three)... Touga. (Or maybe ChuChu. The terrifying god rat.)

Also, J. A. Seazer isn't a character. (...I guess the music might well be considered its own character.)


So, why Utena.

Actually, my answer to that is kind of spoilery.

Well, let's put it in the least spoilery yet most honest way: she shoves Akio in the face and keeps on. Do you need much more reason than that?

WeiB Kreuz

Slutface McGee Youji. XD Reason? I pretty much worshipped Miki Shinichiro when I was in high school. (Seriously. I watched Initial D solely for this reason.) Also he is pretty pretty. Wavy hair just DOES things to me, okay? Blame Sailor Neptune for my formative years.


Another one where I'm all, damnit kids! When I was your age there were one or maybe two good characters to a show, and we LIKED it that way!, really, probably Inara. See also I have this thing for people with curls and wavy hair! And also she snarks Mal. And also courtesans. And also "TRAP!" (I know, it was Mal's line, whatever you guys).

But also Kaylee. And Wash. And Jayne. And Zoe. And Simon. And Book. Aaaaaand uh everyone except River. River's definitely last. But she's still on the list. You know how it is.

Yami no Matsuei

Oh man, it's been so long since I watched this that I actually have to look up his name. (Despite the aforementioned Miki Shinichiro worship, it's not actually Tsuzuki, although I do love Tsuzuki.)

It's probably Tatsumi, actually. He's just so cheerfully mean to Tsuzuki XD Watari's up there too. (I should probably read the manga at some point. Hm. *notes it down for her week off*)



Just look at the icon.

(I feel somehow like I should feel guilty for that. OH WELL *G*)

ETA: Ahahaha. It's even better if you imagine it with Hetalia characters. "Finally, the trains are running on time. LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL :) :)"


Sep. 2nd, 2006 06:57 pm
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Who had her picture taken with Morena Baccarin (AKA Inara) today? In fact got her autograph? And had said lovely woman put her arm around her?

Was it you?

I thought not, bitches.
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Rose - The Art of Discworld has arrived and is in my hot little hands, distracting me from school. Thank you again, so much <3

Min - in case you don't get my phone message, our seminar was moved to February 2. Not a huge leap, but it's a start.

For everyone else - rather than doing a seminar on The Virginian for our ENGL 490 class, Min and I are instead doing a seminar on Firefly. Oh yes. And the teacher is a big fan of Firefly. We will have DVDs. I bought them, and lo, they cost me $6.

I had a stress headache preventing me from sleep last night. Hopefully tonight will not be the same. ;)

To Do:
-finish reading/looking at The Art of Discworld
-do readings for PSYCH 318
-start Julius Caesar
-check for notes online
-correct and calculate the readability of the piece we were given for ENGL 377R.
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In the wake of three additional userpics, I bring you this gem from [ profile] dani_thegirl_:

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I cried like a little child.
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1. Sure, let's start with the obvious. Who is your favorite Serenity character and why? (Yes, I know, it's very difficult to choose. You may have a runner up. But try your hardest to pick your favorite. And please don't forget the 'why' part.) If you'd like to make the question a little more interesting, you can answer "Who is the Serenity character you most identify with? And why?" If you're obsessive like I am, you can answer both.

I'd have to say that I don't really... identify with anyone, specifically. I would, however, say that I am a blend of Simon, Kaylee and Inara. (No, seriously, stop laughing.) I'd say if we take Simon's smarts (okay, that's a LITTLE overplaying it, but none of the others are really "smart" besides River (who is crazy and super-genius) and Kaylee (who is intuitively so and only in one area)), Kaylee and Inara's openness with their sexuality (and, in Kaylee's case, about her sex life)... that'd be the combo I'd go for, I think. (Also, I dress up pretty, like Inara. :D)

For favorite... all of them. Inara, Wash, Kaylee, Simon and Book are probably in the top... ish... but then there's Zoe! And Jayne! River and Mal are probably my least favorite... but by a margin of || that much. (And, || is at a magnification of x100000^2)

2. Oh, let's have another predictable one... favorite episode? And why?

Jaynestown. Oh, Jaynestown. Other big ones are Ariel and Safe.

3. If you could guest star in any capacity at all, what would you create for your dream Serenity role?

Definitely, definitely, definitely as a Companion.

4. If you could get one guest actor to star on Serenity for one ep or an arc of eps, who would it be and what role would you create for them?

I honestly couldn't tell you. Min says "Johnny Depp in the role of NAKED GUY".

5. If you could wave a magic wand, and get any two people on the show together romantically, who would it be? And... why? And while you're at it, tell us... would they be happy together? Would it be a brief fling? Are they even suited for each other, or is it just lust?

I bequeath to one Simon Tam the ability not to put his foot in his mouth, thereby giving unto him the ability to charm one Kaywinnit Lee Frye without making a total ass of himself. Again.

After that, if it didn't work out (or maybe even if it did... Simon might collapse from an aneurysm in that scenario, though), maybe a little Inara/Kaylee. Because that would be cute.
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Things I never expected to see in Serenity quotes:

Spoilers for the movie from IMDB )


Jul. 22nd, 2005 09:42 am
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Katie made me Inara/Kaylee icons! :D :D :D (Well, OK, this one is Inara/Kaylee - the other was a Kaylee/strawberry one ;).

But but but - look! :D
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SimonL, can you pass this link on to Katie?

...apparently there's a video of Adam Baldwin singing "The Ballad of Jayne". This I gotta see.
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For those that have heard me hawking Firefly to them, your time has come!

Anyone that is interested in watching the show needs to drop me a comment with times that they're available so that I can plan a few Firefly-watching parties. The show is around 15-16 hours, I think, so the "best" course of action would be to have 4-5 three/four hour marathons from 7PM to 11PM.

I'd be willing to do two "shows" a week, but I don't want to rewatch the same episodes four times in four days, so two shows is max. Maybe Tuesdays and Wednesdays?


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