Jun. 6th, 2008 05:43 pm
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Mala/Anarax OTP.


Now that's a relationship destined for awesomeness...
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...[I]f you’re a player, tell the GM what’s working and what isn’t. If there’s too much combat for you, ask the GM if he could take a break from running fights for a while. If things are getting slow and you don’t feel like the game’s going anywhere, call that to the GM’s attention. I’ve found that some GMs like to run three or four sessions where the characters meet people, get handed or discover information, and get threatened but don’t really get a chance to DO much. Then, it all comes to a head in one session. Think of it this way: Do you like movies where all of the important plot points and all of the action takes place in the last 20 minutes of the film? Me neither. -- BlackHatMatt

This, especially, is what I'm going to need to worry about in my DB game. :P

Speaking of which: SimonL, Jason, either of you figured out whether or not you'd be interested in playing?
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Canonical Magnificent Jaguar picture

That's what Tiger's husband-to-be looks like?


That kind of solves the problem of "does Tiger like men?" REAL QUICK

I mean I'M SAYIN'.
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Art behind the cut. Also up on my Deviant Art account.

EXALTED! *exalt!* )

Also, 28. Children of Fanart100 is up. Main Fanart100 page is, as always, here.
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Exalted was awesome - lots of laughs, good stuff, finished the game where I wanted it to end - I want everyone to put their favorite IC and OOC quotes in the comments here ;)

I did mass combat, SO, SO WRONG. I mean, so ABYSMALLY wrong that it wasn't even recognizable as what White Wolf created as mass combat. At all. I'm serious.

I think, though, with the "correct" rules, you still would have SMOKED them... like mad.
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In other news, Paulus died, so maybe I won't draw him and Suza. Damnit! The Cloud/Tidus Exalted 2nd ed. clone + the tiny Swedish ninja = so awesome!

Unfortunately, five normal guys with military training apparently win against Solars with no extra health levels, soak charms, or armor on. And even Suza, with her Wits + Medicine at 7, and help from a spirit, AND blowing Willpower, could not get the requisite 8 successes to keep him from dying.

Speaking of Exalted second edition, and specifically directed at those in Brampton over the summer + Stefan...

What do we want to do about the Exalted game? As far as I know, Stefan's plan was not to be in Brampton, so I don't know if we can finish running the huge final battle (unless it's okay if I mook Slade's involvement).

One idea I was batting around in my head was to remake the characters in 2nd ed, and the game opens with "after a successful attempt to flee the city of Thorns, Azure, Lahna, Gregory, and Hiro attempt to discover how to convert an Abyssal's soul back to the purity of the soul of the Chosen of the Unconquered Sun..."

Especially since the new system now has, you know, RULES (and charms!) for how Gregory's massive speeches and Lahna's blackmail attempts work...

Anyway, for those of you that still read LJ (which might amount to, uh, maybe Simon, occasionally Min, and possibly Pete?)... what do you think?
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White Wolf is having a wallpaper-designing contest where you can win a copy of Exalted (Second Edition). If you like crazy powers and have any artistic/wallpaper-creating talent, you should enter! Hell, if you have time, enter and try to win a copy for me! ;)
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Q: Will stunts allow me to regain Essence in places I normally couldn't?

A: GCG has stated that the answer to this question is "yes, in all caps, followed by a trail of exclamation points ending in a 1."

Q: Who is the hottest Exalted character?

A: Some people will try to mislead you into thinking that it's Tepet "Roseblack" Ejava, Panther, Ocean Pearl, or even the Scarlet Empress, but you should not listen to their lies.

The Unconquered Sun is unquestionably the hottest. His atomic fires sear away all competition!
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You KNOW I have too much time on my hands when I start making my own icons...

But, anyway, here's my latest foray into sexiness. In truth, all it was was coloring a crop of a picture from CLOVER, but... mmmmm. It now counts as Danielle/Ba'ne sexiness.

Now, if you'll excuse me...
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Apparently my dad(dy) got electrocuted by 600 volts yesterday while working on a machine. He's okay, but when he was telling me about it, the following conversation ensued:

Him: "I could have died!"
Me: "Well, I'm glad you didn't."
Him: "You would have gotten some money, though..."
Me: "Somehow, I think I'm happier with you alive."
Him: "*grin*"

Silly daddy.


As a side note: Pat has suggested that he might, with massive reworking, be able to continue Danielle as a solo. So, that's an advantage.
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Am up to chapter 10 in HBP now, and am quite enjoying it. Will read more later, when mother and sister have finished reading aloud. For now, am thinking about Danielle.


Jul. 18th, 2005 01:20 pm
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Min told me to write about Danielle (more to the point: he said he'd read it), and so I have been.

1250 words today!

So obviously I am doing well. However, I don't think they're very good words... at the very least, they require knowledge of Exalted to mean anything. However, I am enjoying it. Have finished Exaltation and subsequent escape from the Blessed Isle; currently doing a flashback to getting picked up by Kiernan. To come: how this little girl became a h0.
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Alex says: Question!
Min says: hmm?
Alex says: Would you prefer the US to be more serious than usual, or his usual Charleston Heston self?
Min says: Heston is fine
Alex says: Haha, OK.
Min says: Or you could make him Connery if you really wanted.
Alex says: Haha
Alex says: "The day is mine, Solars!"
Alex says: /pun

And it totally wasn't intentional, either.
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First off: newly-discovered planet has three suns, causing problems for our current theories on how planet formation works.

Second off:

Geekery abounds when one has just stolen a plot for Exalted from your boyfriend and then hear Smashmouth's All-Star in the car.

...You'll never shine if you don't glow...

Hey now
You're a Solar
Get your armor, and blade
Hey now
You're a Solar
Find a Lunar, get laid
All that glitters is gold
Only shooting Suns break the mold...

I mean, "you'll never shine if you don't glow"? I was like, "CHARMS! YOU HAVE TO USE CHARMS!"

And then the men in white coats read my blog. Shh, I've got very little time left.
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Also, I must pimp this comic to all my Exalted peeps:


[livejournal.com profile] safti, I can't thank you enough for this. The Unconquered Sun is fuckin' awesome, as is Jade Cricket. :D


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