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Guys, I have not posted since like motherfucking JUNE. THIS IS BAD. And I'm not going to make it much better by posting only my birthday greed list, but there you have it. STUFF! I crave it.

Without further ado: STUFF. )
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Once again, it approaches birthday times. Hence the yearly wishlist comes out!

Mmmm, giftses. )
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Reposted from Jason's LJ with some edits ;):

It's that time of year again! Your two favourite people are officially getting older!

The Alex/Jason BD Extravaganza is taking place Saturday, August 23, 2008. Festivities will begin at Alex's place for swimming, drinking and general merriment. From there, we will be moving downtown to the Phoenix more additional drinking and merriment, albeit with considerably more booty shaking.

I will assume a start time of noonish, unless Alex comes forward and lets me know how wrong I am. [No, that sounds about perfect.] From there we will, as the Germans do, 'feel it out'.

Attendance is mandatory, gifts are not, but we do like them so very much. :)

See you all there!
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Hooray, birthday!

No, I don't have a plan for the party yet. :P And you don't have to get me anything.

But! Should you be all a-flutter at wanting desperately to get me something, but not knowing what to choose, fear no more! I make lists (unlike Jeremy)!

Roleplaying Books )

Books )

Other Assorted Neat Stuff )

Really Expensive Stuff )

Why yes, a bunch of those ARE goals as well. ;)
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Thank you to everyone that came out yesterday <3 My presents were lovely and the party was much fun.

I am now in possession of Mage: the Awakening and Predators, so there will be much rejoicing once I can get some energy scraped together.
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"Isn't it wonderful? You're twenty one and finally you're free to do all those wild and crazy things

you've been doing since you were fourteen.

Happy Birthday"


I love my dad. Best card ever. EVAR.

Also, happy birthday to me!


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