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Not only that, it's the HALFWAY MARK!

070. Storm

That's De Laurier, not Pierre. You can tell because... um... he's sinister and it's Toronto.

Also I think Pierre had blue eyes... or brown... *cough* but definitely not green!

In other news:

50 Book Challenge: July

17. Blood Rites, Jim Butcher (2004)

Still loving The Dresden Files. Too bad they fucked up the TV series. And it was filming right across from my school, too!

18. Dance Dance Dance, Haruki Murakami (tr. 1994, Alfred Birnbaum)

I think I can deal with the postmodernism, it's the surrealism that threw me.

Yuki was the best part.


Jeremy and I have figured out that, if I don't read at all during November (because of NaNoWriMo), I pretty much have to cram 8 books into each of the remaining months.

Or, I guess, eat that extra $5 contribution to the Canada Savings Bond, BUT THAT WOULD BE WEAK.
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Is it worth it to drop all your money-making capability to pursue a job you love?

Is it worth it if that job is something that very few people [get to] do, and holds a strong possibility that you won't be able to achieve paidness in that job?

Basically, how much do you [have to] temper your idealism with your pragmatism?

I mean, I don't think of my job as a "career". I'm a phone monkey. I don't think it's likely to lead into anything I'd like to do more. Should I therefore drop everything and pursue a line of work that won't pay much, if at all?

Does the answer change if I've discovered that "doing what I love" as work turns love into, well, work?

Or do I keep the job I have, where even if I don't love the work I'm doing (I don't really care one way or another) I do like the people I'm doing it with, and I'm making money so that I can afford the things that I do enjoy?

Because that, to me, is a perfectly reasonable compromise. Rather than making myself hate the things that I once enjoyed to try and make money off of them, I'll use work to fund the things that I enjoy.

Which seems perfectly reasonable to me.
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Canonical Magnificent Jaguar picture

That's what Tiger's husband-to-be looks like?


That kind of solves the problem of "does Tiger like men?" REAL QUICK

I mean I'M SAYIN'.
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Holy crap that's almost a halfway mark!

056. Breakfast

Caitlyn and The Boy have a heart-to-heart the morning after.

(That is, "the morning after Az has beaten, bitten, and overall used The Boy in many interesting, cruel, and bizarre ways, and Caitlyn is JEALOUS".)

Fair warning: The Boy has pretty clearly been beaten and whipped, so if looking at such images would bug you, don't go look. :P (I think DeviantArt will also give you a warning, but.)

Now to figure out what to do for #50. :P
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029. Birth - Cindy with Clarence.
005. Outsides - Az cutting Caitlyn's hair.


Sep. 13th, 2007 02:13 pm
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066. Rain

Tears-Like-Rain, vampire biker chick Gangrel DO NOT MESS WITH SHE FUCKS SHIT UP. I loved her, man.
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Romas and Owen, playing with their bows (in a completely non-dirty way).

I really like Romas' color scheme (took me SO LONG to come up with it, you have no idea) and earring. And Owen's bow.
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Drinking Buddies

Galen and Siegfried from the Lifeholme D&D campaign. Next: Romas and Owen!

EDIT Anyone know how to string a bow without a bow stringer? If not, I may have to change the image plan.
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I feel so cynical right now. I have this super-frilly gothic lolita dress come out just fine... but FOUR FINGERS will not be drawn.

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Okay, seminar thingy mailed off, studied some for the Psych test. Not exploding.

Also, have finished coloring Death. Not as good as I would have liked, but good enough. Not sure what one I'll do next; I had ideas for a lot of them, and (bad) sketches for Diamond and Club.

Or maybe I'll just draw Suza and Paul.
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Yay! Finally, a new Fanart 100 entry!

This would be picture #11. It's a little small (and a little late), but I hope you like it.

092. Christmas

Maybe if I work hard, I can have New Year's up for tomorrow.
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My real user name should be [ profile] sheep. Because I am a sheeeeeeeep.

On the other hand, excuse to draw stuff!

(Thanks to [ profile] sae for bringing the existence of Fanart 100 to my attention ;)

I've started my own Fanart 100 page; my fandom is the Requiem game. (OK, cheating a little, but...) I have some pretty neat ideas, so far, and I'm looking forward to using this as an excuse not to study for exams.

Currently up:
027. Parents

Plz love me and take a look? <3


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