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So I totally blasted that exam I posted my review for. 93%, baby.

Kinda wish I'd done it for Assessments, but whatever. I think I did reasonably well on that one. Nopw the written for Assessments is coming up (1 hour), and then A&P tomorrow, and then I am DONE EXAMS FOR THE NEXT, er, two and a half weeks BUT ONLY ONE EXAM FOR THE WHOLE MONTH OF NOVEMBER but then I have to do another nine in the first two weeks of December, isn't life grand?.


As for more interesting things, [ profile] theferrett posted about how libertarians (specifically, and other people generally) don't look at the repercussions of previous attempts at their social philosophy.

But what I really want to know is, keeping in mind the veil of ignorance, which fictional society would YOU want to live in?

He makes a pretty good argument against Star Wars. Star Trek has a few less problems, but only if you're living in the Federation. It's definitely a puzzler.
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"Positive feedback loops: exploit the everloving shit out of them. They're like real life Experience Eggs."
-[ profile] mysticjuicer, here
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So Patrick, my sister, my sister's boyfriend and I went to see Easy A yesterday. I can report the following:

1) It was hilarious.
2) I don't think it is actually aimed at current teenagers. I say this because I have strong doubts any current teenagers know who the fuck John Hughes is.
3) Stanley Tucci is awesome.

And then this morning, I find this posted on my friendslist.


Apr. 20th, 2009 04:13 pm
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For Jen, Katie-love, and my sister:
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Jeremy: *uncomfortable silence*
Alex: Win!
Alex: Man, I thought I was going to lose uncomfortableness out of you.
Alex: And then how would I have fun?
Jeremy: Yesh, tat wud b bad
Alex: i r ur ebil oberlord
Alex: bow down 2meh
Jeremy: i bow 2 no 1!
Jeremy: hav at thee!
Alex: inconcievable!
Jeremy: i wil dfeet yu in MORTEL KOMBET!
Alex: i am teh six-fingrd kitten!
Jeremy: but u c, i m not actualy left handeded!
Alex: i r teh dredd pirat robertz
Jeremy: no mor rimes now i mennut
Jeremy: mi feets iz cold
Alex: nevr start a landwar in aza
Jeremy: hav fun strmng teh catsle!
Alex: ur onlee mostly ded
Jeremy: damit, i is teh losr

Edit: Edited because, ironically, I can't seem to spell...
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Saw [ profile] safti yesterday, and it was AWESOME. Rockin'tastic, in fact. Her entire family is cool.

We finished each other's sentences and spoke in unison a whole bunch of times... giggled with glee (well, I giggled with glee) over "Blood Ties"... a whole bunch of things almost made her choke on her drink... played Gloom... told each other crazy roleplaying stories. (Walmart's > Piracy!)

There were many awesome things. :D Now, I have to go out THERE some time. Mwahahahahahahah *cough*
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Ahahahaha... ouch.

(Whenever anyone asks me what an English major can do - why, screw companies out of millions of dollars! Stupid Rogers.)

Also, Ikea totally wins all my love today.
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This is hilarious, or depressing, or just plain creepy, or all three.

It makes me giggle.

Worksafe, although if you loved Garfield as a child, I wouldn't recommend reading it. It will trash your childhood. No, I'm serious.
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I didn't think conversations like that actually happened.

Back story: the guy that refills/replaces (?) our fire extinguishers came to the office to do, well, just that. Darrell and Claudio are not in the office, so he gets talking to me. He's a very friendly guy, forties, speaks quickly (almost too quickly to keep up with).

So he asked if I was working here part-time or full-time, what school I was going to, and so on. So I told him about going to Humber, and he starts into this diatribe about university professors being wankers and stuff like that. Whatever, some of 'em are (I heard the same story from him as I did from my parents about York and UofT professors, so I can only assume it is true...). He's kind of rambling, but he's so enamoured with his own voice that I can literally just smile and nod.

Then he starts going on about television and how he hates watching "CBS, ABC, all those channels, because of their left wing socialist bias."

I just looked at him.

Oh no, but it continued. He loves Bill O'Reilly, FOX News. "Everyone says they're so right-wing, but really, they're kind of right of centre. And Bill O'Reilly, well, he's all over the place."

I smiled and nodded, not sure if the correct response was "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA you're joking, right?", "I voted NDP", or "Wow, suddenly I've realized what Tucker Carlson looks like without his bowtie."

He continues going on about the left-wing socialist media - no, seriously, he couldn't refer to the media without using these words - and then subtly shifts his focus to celebrities that attempt to do humane things. "What's Bono really doing? Trying to get on magazine covers, I think. He's just a celebrity." Apparently sending money to Africa doesn't work, because a 20/20 reporter wrote that it doesn't. "Angelina Jolie might really care about kids in Africa, but Brad Pitt? I doubt it." My mind envisions Christy and Amber, now named Team Short, Brunette, And Kicking His Ass, well, kicking his ass.

I slowly move forward, and he backs out the door, finally leaving with some cheerful words goodbye.

I am so very amused.

Left-wing socialist media.

Right, and Bill O'Reilly's right-of-centre.

This man has obviously never heard of Michael Corin.
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Sweet, sweet, once-a-month boozeaholing with fire and friends. Thank god SimonB has picked up and enjoys driving... no more DDing for me. (Not that I really ever did, but no driving means I can drink! DRINK!)

I think I may have no throat left.

Hopefully, tomorrow there will be Exalted chargen. And even if there isn't, there is hanging out with SimonB! Wheeeeeeeeeee!

(Sorry, other-Ali, I neeeeeeeeed to share this conversation with the WORLD.)

Other-Ali: So, why/how did you and Simon stay friends after you broke up?
Me: (thinking) Why wouldn't we have? Ummm... I dunno, because we're awesome? That's not really a satisfying answer... Oi! Simon!
Simon: Yo!
Me: Why/how did we stay friends after we broke up?
Simon: Because we're awesome?
Me: ...did you hear my answer?
Simon: No.
Me: falls over laughing WE'RE REALLY PSYCHIC TWINS.
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So I e-mailed the e-mail address from the list of people Rob Corddry hates... and the response was personalized enough that they noticed that my name in the e-mail header was "Alessandra", but that I'd signed it "Alex".

(You get an e-mail with this image as an attachment back. Glee! Rob Corddry hates me!)
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When do you have too much time on your hands?

When you create a wiki for your City of Heroes/Villains storyline.

Why yes, that is 11 whole articles about a completely fictional comic series (including the spinoff movies), with more to come.

You should totally check it out. :D
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I know I have NO ONE TO BLAME BUT MYSELF, but I think I shall blame [ profile] sae anyway.

Crackalicious, crack crack crack crackity crack crack.

By which I mean, go read for the hilarity.

No, really. It's a superhero dictionary! You'll love it, I promise!

...I should either go get Patrick, or type up more essay.


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